Meet Leo The Fashionista Maine Coon

Do you find yourself scrolling through your explore page on Instagram looking for cute cat pictures and videos? Do you also follow some adorable Insta famous kitties just so you can see how they’re doing on a daily basis and also so you can finally see something that will cheer you up on social media? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let us introduce you to Leo the Maine Coon . He lives in Chicago and is known for his sense of style. You can often see him sporting bow ties and bandanas, sometimes even flower crowns. Basically he’s more of a fashionista than your average blogger. He’s pretty famous on social media and has 27k followers on Instagram. He lives with his 2 other cat siblings called Orion and Lucy, a massive dog brother named Kota and three little ferrets called Evie, Pixie and Chubby. Leo also does some charity work, he sells pins on his website and all the profits go to a local pet shelter organization.


Now that we go to all that out of the way – here are some adorable pictures of Leo.



1. When you wear a flower crown you have to stick your tongue out, it’s a rule. I didn’t make it, I just follow it.



2. I look awesome no matter if I go for a floral or animal print aesthetic.


3. Your neighborhood art cat is ready to go with you to the art show and criticize the hell out of everything.



4. I’m fluffy and adorable and I know it. You can only dream of being as cool as me.


5. Tongues out for pink bow ties with sprinkles. Man, I want a donut with sprinkles now, do they make those for cats? They should.



6. Green is definitely my color. Who am I kidding, every color is my color, I look stunning in everything.


7. What, cats can wear sweaters too. And let’s be real, you’re jealous of my scarf.



8. I call these outfits my “single and ready to mingle” looks.


9. Whether you want a glam night out or a ride on my motorbike – I’ve got an outfit for that.



10. Listen, winters are cold, I’m not immune to cold. Plus, I know how to dress warm with style.


11. Halloween goals, am I right? I’ve got costumes for days.



12. I’ll be your dirty Santa or your Christmas elf. I’m ready and available for every seasonal holiday.