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Peculiar Japanese Cooking Games That Will Mesmerize You


A lot of the time when we see something very strange, we immediately think “it must be Japanese”. The games we’re going to be talking about today are not an exception. You can tell they’re made in Japan from the first glance. Everything in these games is tiny, adorable and a bit weird. Now let’s take a better look at Japanese cooking games, or should we say toys?



The first kind of Japanese cooking games that sparked our interest is called Konapun. It’s an incredibly realistic set of cooking toys. There are a huge variety of dishes that you can cook, but you’ll have to buy each dish separately. The fun part is the cooking. Yes, you actually get to cook. However the food you cook is not edible!
The game comes with a set of toy cooking appliances and utensils, and a bunch of little sachet packets will all sorts of liquids and powders in them. You also get instructions on how to actually cook up all this tiny stuff. It’s not an easy thing to explain, so here’s a video example:

Doesn’t that look extremely realistic? Too bad you can’t actually eat this miniature culinary delight.




It’s strange how addicting these videos are. We’re just watching someone create fake food, yet it’s impossible to stop. How mesmerizing is this Hamburger video?

Apart from a huge selection of savory foods, you can also cook desserts.

RE-MENT collectables
This is perhaps an even stranger set of toys. Everything here is made of plastic and you can just buy collectible items to play pretend with. It sounds weird, but you’d be surprised at how popular these toys are. These videos have millions of views on Youtube.

Popin Cookin
This cooking toy is amazing. It comes with everything you might ever need. All the measurements and molds and ingredients are included. Even the packaging is part of the toy. As with the Konapun, you get to choose what kind of food you’d like to prepare, from a huge variety of dishes available. The main difference is that you get to eat the food you cook. Yes, it’s all edible. We haven’t tried this miniature food, but apparently it tastes pretty accurate to what it looks like.
So this hamburger and fries set doesn’t just look realistic, it actually smells and tastes like a mini burger and fries.

Wait til you see the desserts you can make with this game. They’re the cutest desserts you’ve ever seen. Plus, they’re yummy. And since they’re tiny, you don’t have to worry about eating too much.

Miniature Space
We’re not sure what kind of cooking game this is and where one would get all the appliances and ingredients, but the Miniature Space Youtube channel has been consistently uploading miniature cooking videos and they’re incredible. The only thing we know for sure is that all the tools and ingredients were bought in Japan. That’s what it says in pretty much every video description.



What sets this apart from other miniature cooking sets, is that Miniature Space use real food to create their miniature dishes. So if they’re making sushi, then it’s made from real rice and real fish not just something that looks like sushi.

Same with desserts. As you can see in this video, the pancakes are made from real batter and are fried on a real miniature stove with a real flame. This all points toward a conclusion that this game isn’t for kids, but in fact, a peculiar game for grownups.