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Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom


Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 1
Penny, from the hit show The Big Band Theory, is a surprisingly relatable and funny character. When the show started, we all thought she was just going to be this silly blonde girl who lives next to Sheldon and Leonard. I expected her to be the butt of all the “blonde” jokes. Boy was I wrong. Penny can definitely hold her own. So let’s see what nuggets of wisdom she shared with us throughout the years.



First and foremost you should never underestimate the power of looking adorable. People will instantly like you and want to be your friend, and who doesn’t want to have lots of friends.
Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 2

We all have those moments in conversation when we have no idea what people are saying. Or we’re just not interested in a conversation at all. Well, sometimes it’s better just to nod and smile.
Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 3

Being passionate about your hobbies and goals is great, but you know what else is important? Appreciating your loved ones and being passionate about your relationship. You should let people know that you’re happy and excited to have them in your life.Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 4



Relationships go through a lot of stages, and that’s ok. Sometimes it’s super exciting, and sometimes there’s sort of a lull in a relationship. That’s ok; the most important thing to do at that moment is to have a positive attitude.Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 5

Surprises are awesome and should be enjoyed. No one likes to know it all. You should always have an element of surprise in your life, that’s what makes it fun.Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 6


Freaking out about the state of your like is ok. It just means you have ambitions and goals and things to look forward to. It would be worse if you were completely content with your life. Everyone has this kind of life crisis at some point. If you’re anything like me, you have a life crisis every month. Don’t worry, it’ll pass, and you’ll be able to go back to normal soon.Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 7



Alcohol is never the answer to your problems. But sometimes, just sometimes, a nice drink with a friend is exactly what you need. Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 8

Everyone has days when they don’t look their best. Even for a gorgeous girl as Penny. It’s fine and it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying yourself or celebrating a holiday.Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 9

Being excited about things is awesome. It makes you feel more alive. You should never be ashamed of being excited about something that makes you happy. Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 10



Pixie haircuts are incredibly cool! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You can totally look hot with short hair. Look at Penny, she rocks a pixie cut with such confidence!Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 11

Most importantly, you should always have a sense of humor! Cause, seriously, that’s what keeps us all sane. Penny’s Nuggets Of Wisdom 12