Photographer Turns Homeless Couple Into Gorgeous Fashion Models

How often do you seem homeless people on the street and what’s your first thought? Do they make you feel uncomfortable? Do you feel sorry for them? Do you do anything about it? Most people just turn away from them, avert their gaze. In the best case scenario they might offer some food or money. But a photographer from Kenya chose to do something amazing for a homeless couple once he heard their story.



A photographer who goes by the name of Muchiri Frames met Sammy, a homeless guy, around Valentine’s Day in one of the parks in Nairobi, Kenya. They struck up a conversation and Sammy was asked if he’s ever been in love.

His eyes lit up when he started talking about his girlfriend, whom he met on the streets of Nairobi. They were both homeless and they started out as friends. But eventually their friendship grew and blossomed into something bigger. The more Sammy talked about his girlfriend Virginia, the more dreamy and happy his voice sounded.

The photographer got inspired by Sammy’s story and decided to do something special for this homeless couple for Valentine’s Day.

He got his team together and arranged a makeover and a proper photoshoot for Sammy and his girlfriend. They got cleaned up, got new hairstyles, new clothes. Virginia got a classic pamper day with a manicure, pedicure and a beautiful makeup look. By the end of the day they didn’t look like a homeless couple anymore, they looked more like a couple of gorgeous fashion models. After the photoshoot they even got sent off on a dinner date to a posh restaurant.

The photographer hopes that in the end it wasn’t just their physical appearance that changed, but maybe so did their outlook on life. They both hope to find a home and a career in the future. Sammy keeps his driver’s license on him at all times in hopes to get a job as a driver.

Virginia dreams of a career in catering, and Sammy is very supportive of it, he jokes that he would love to be dating a chef. Learn more about their story, see more pictures and watch a video of that special day here.