Prince Through The Years: Style Evolution From 1985 to Modern Day

Prince was an extraordinary, multi-talented human being and he touched the lives of so many people. It’s still hard to believe that someone so otherworldly could possibly be gone. We always thought he was above death, that he was going to outlive us all. We have no doubt that people are going to grieve him for weeks and months to come, but we decided to look at the bright side, and celebrate his life. He did so much, he changed so much, yet always managed to remain himself. There’s many faucets to his personality, and he always was so awesome at expressing himself through song, music, style. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look at his style evolution through the years.



Lacy gloves, a purple glittery jacket with studs, a shirt with a ruffled collar that has come undone to reveal the naked chest and torso and a curly mane of hair — that was Prince in 1985. It’s not an easy look to pull off, but it’s Prince, so naturally he looks absolutely fabulous and great wearing it.

Eighties were a weird time for everyone, but even amidst all the strange fashion of that time, Prince managed to surprise people with his outfit. Showing up at Wembley wearing a tight black crop top, skin tight pants and black high-heels — only Prince could do that and have the ladies screaming.



Paris, 1987. Prince is wearing a beige leotard that matches his guitar, a long leather coat on top and a pair of specs. What a combination, right? Love the silly face Prince’s making too, as if to tell us that he’s not taking this seriously and neither should you. Life’s too serious, have some fun.

Who said polka dots are boring and conservative? Prince can make everything outrageous, interesting and incredibly stylish, just by wearing it. That’s what he does, that’s what he is! Just look at this incredible black and white ensemble.



You think you’re cool because you wear high-waisted trousers or jeans? Prince brought high-waisted trousers to a whole new level back in 1990. Just look at those, they’re like half way up his chest. You’ll never be as cool as Prince. No one could.

The VMA’s these days are nothing compared to 1991. No matter how revealing the outfits get, you can’t really top this one. Only Prince could wear something like this. On one hand it’s way more modest than what celebs wear these days, on the other hand he doesn’t play around, he’s straight to the point!

A bright red suit, a hat that has chains coming down the front? Lady Gaga can only dream of outfits like these. The stripy suit that’s tailored to perfection, that hair, those moves. Prince is always sexy, no matter what he wears.



Clad in pink from head to toe, with sparkly scales on his chest — not the most traditional outfit for a man, is it? Yet, Prince, being the ladies’ man that he is, could wear this and look hot as hell. He in fact, that lady in front of him is Mayte Garcia, who he later married and had a baby with.

One might consider a purple lacy leotard to be a brave choice, but for Prince it probably was just another regular day. And those glasses, what do you think of those?

Looking like a badass gangster in that stripy suit and red hat. That leopard guitar strap only adds to this look. And look at that blue suit? Was it Prince who started the whole thing about blue suits making men look hot?



Here’s Prince dressed in all white at the 31st People’s Choice Awards. Looking absolutely stunning in that hooded outfit, and I mean, only this man can pull off such a massive piece of jewelry.

Here’s Prince bringing some bright colors to 2007. Dressed in a turquoise suit with a bright orange shirt, playing a purple guitar at the Super Bowl. Not a color combination many would dare to wear. But this is Prince we’re talking about. He can do absolutely anything.

Wearing a sparkly golden ensemble and matching high-heels, Prince was shining on stage in LA in 2011. Coincidentally, this is what he was wearing that time he made Kim Kardashian leave the stage because he couldn’t dance with her.

He liked bright shiny things, didn’t he. Here’s another gold outfit. And yet again, that leopard guitar strap. It’s almost tacky, but you can’t call Prince tacky. Look at him rocking that awesome afro. The designer glasses top off the look quite well, don’t they?