Proof That Asian Guys Are The World’s Hottest Street Vendors

Good looking men aren’t that easy to find. In most cases they’re either already taken, or are unattainable, because they’re some famous supermodel or actor. Well, ladies, I have some news for you. You might be looking in the wrong place. Instead of drooling over famous celebs, you might actually want to visit your local fruit and vegetable market. You might be pleasantly surprised with just how gorgeous some of those street vendors are. And if the internet has taught us anything, it’s that Asian guys are the hottest street vendors in the world. Let’s take a look at some of these handsome men, shall we?



1.Wang Xianghong
Wang is a 20 year old guy, who works at a vegetable market in Taiwan. This fit young men often works shirtless for his own convenience. He says it helps him avoid any stains on his clothes and, it gets pretty hot during the day so it just makes sense. Honestly though, he doesn’t need a reason to be shirtless. No one is complaining. In fact, the store he works in is actually getting more customers. A lot of women like to ogle his chiseled body and he admits that sometimes older women try to stand a bit too close to him and comment on his looks. Wang has been working at this market for half a year now, and this is his main job. He’s at the market 4 days a week. However, he also has a part time modeling contract with Taiwanese agency called Catwalk.

2. Jordan Yeoh
Jordan Yeoh is actually a model. In fact, his Facebook profile states that he’s “ an ambassador, fitness enthusiast, certified personal trainer, and fitness model”. He’s also become Malaysia’s hottest durian fruit seller. In fact, we’d go as far as saying that he’s actually the hottest durian fruit seller in the world. I mean, look at that body? Isn’t it perfect? But back to the matter at hand. Why is he selling fruit if he’s actually a personal trainer and a model? Well, Jordan saw that handsome ripped street vendors are becoming a trend online, so he decided to help out his aunt and uncle, who own a durian fruit stall, generate more income. Awwww, isn’t he just the sweetest guy ever?

3.Carrot Man
This beautiful young man became an internet sensation in a matter of days. He was randomly spotted carrying a huge basket of carrots. The lady who saw him thought he was so handsome she just couldn’t help but take photos of him and post them on Facebook. In just a few days those pictures got thousands of likes and shares and finally went viral. The man on the picture was identified as Jeyrick Sigmaton from Kadaklan, Bauko, in the Mountain Province. What sets this handsome Filipino man apart from the others, is that he didn’t even have to take his shirt off and show off his body, to capture the attention of ladies all over the world. It’s his beautiful face that’s got everyone drooling.