Reflections: A Project by Sebastian Magnani

Art is a beautiful and subtle thing. We don’t always know what to expect from it. When talking about the art of photography people usually expect the subject to be in the picture front and center, however Sebastian Magnani took a different approach.


Instead of photographing his subjects directly, he takes photos of their reflections in a spherical mirror. His subjects are things of nature: the sky, the moon, tree branches, blossom, leaves.


They’re often either complemented or juxtaposed with the background on which the mirror lays. So sometimes you’ll see tree blossom surrounded by grassy patch of ground, the moon with hard pavement as the background or a stark contrast of a beautiful sky with fluffy clouds against the backdrop of dirt.


Reflections is an interesting project that makes you think about what beauty is and how we perceive it.
This project is still ongoing but it already won two awards:

  • GoSee, Stills, Gold & Public Winner, 2015
  • OneEyeLand, Fineart/Abstract, Gold, 2015


Sebastian was born in a small village in Canton Valais, Switzerland. For most of his life he was surrounded by mountains and nature so he really appreciates the beauty in life. He discovered photography while training as a media designer. After working as a creative in an advertising agency for 5 years he decided it was finally time to turn his passion for photography into a profession. He’s been making a living as a photographer ever since.


Sebastian is based in Zurich and is currently working on various subjects. His work gets him a lot of media attention and he’s been featured in multiple publications like BBC World News, Vanity Fair Italy, ABC news, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Huffington post and many more.