The Bookstore Who Started #Bookface, A Viral Optical Illusion IG

It’s no secret that the world of literature is slowly dying as the age of the internet and social media are just beginning. But some book lovers and creative businesses are getting books the attention they need and deserve, and finding a way to fit them into the online world.



Welcome to Librairie Mollat. This French bookstore in Bordeaux became famous for their IG series Book Face, where they merge book cover with their employee’s faces.



Their IG is still going strong and captures surreal, seemingly impossible optical illusions. Held up like a mask, on some part of the body, sleeves sometimes hide parts of the face or lower body, letting hair or certain limbs complete the look.



This is the least old fashioned book store ever, for those who think that bookshops are antique and remain in the past. So far, this clever and trendy digital tactic has garnered them almost 72,000 followers.


These guys really judge books by their cover, in the most whimsical day ever. It’s a playful source of happiness amidst the negative news cycle which isn’t fun to read at all. Those who are more a fan of classic literature might find themselves conflicted by this addictive tech trend.



Whenever the French do anything, it’s somehow incredibly chic and cool, so why would their now-viral bookface trend be any different? If anything, it’s a cheeky way of letting bookstore culture continue to live in the age of social media, and integrating it seamlessly.


This girl has perfected her angsty face and lets her gloved hand and perfect updo complete the pic. It’ almost as if the sleeve were created of her. Little do we know, she could be hiding a mischievous grin underneath.



The eyelash detail here is pretty insane, and this model is seducing us with her non hand and non apple. This is apparently a book that inspired the True Blood series, and the bookstore’s interpretation is really doing it justice.



This chick literally looks like the main character from the book she’s modeling – at least from the hair. This is a detail that’s hard to perfect, and this wavy babe nailed it. Hair envy, but from a book?


This lovely brunette has the right earrings and neck to pull off a fake red lip, right? The woman in the book is wearing a fancy evening dress, but this model has cleverly rocked a backwards hoodie, sleeveless style.



This gal has just the right shade and texture of jet black hair, while she rests her chin in her hands and looks off into the distance, pondering who knows what.


Her face is so animated in this shot! Ok, all jokes aside, this is one of the cuter and more family friendly interpretations. The side bangs are blending in so seamlessly…



It’s not often that one has the right poufy red hair to pull of a look, but this woman sure does. Looking like a Victorian era bae, we want to know more about Mademoiselle Christina.



Magazines are not left out of the #bookface movement. This cool iD mag cover was given a body in the form of a chic, all black cardigan and overall ensemble. So French.


This illusion is freaking us out because the model really does look like the girl illustrated in the book cover. You can’t fake that eye similarity and hair wave pattern. Quite an impressive roster of employees.



And last but not least, perhaps the most striking of the bunch, putting the iconic Memoir Of A Geisha hair look to shame. If this book shop can keep spreading its artistic creativity around the world and internet, hopefully we can keep literature alive a little longer.