The Downside Of Being Married To An Insanely Attractive Man

Ever walk down the street and wonder, “How’d he end up with her?” There are plenty of couples where one person looks average and the other looks like a supermodel – but is that really so bizarre? You can’t guess someone’s inner radiance and know how that other person discovered their glow.



For the chick married to Instagram’s “Mr. Six Pack”, she faced that very issue. But in the age of social media, people took it up a notch from side-eye in the street, and took it to brutal, personal messages in her DMs. While this could have been a low for wedding photographer Jenna Kutcher, it helped her confidence soar in the end.

Jenna’s husband, whose body gained him the intense IG moniker, is the fantasy man of many women on this planet. Jenna is beautiful, but her plus-size curves are different from the unbelievably cut physique of her husband.

After Jenna received a message where someone stated how shocked they were that she could land a man like Mr. Six Pack, she began to doubt herself and all of her insecurities rose to the surface. But it also helped her confidence and self worth rise, as well.



Her husband is part of the reason why Jenna never feels less than. He embraces every pimple, every bit of cellulite, and every curve, reminding her how stunning she is when she can’t see it herself (it happens to the best of us, Jenna!)

If you look at their Instagram photos, you can tell that he thinks she’s more beautiful than Gisele Bundchen. They look truly happy and as though they cherish each other, showing that.

Jenna and her husband urge people that life is more about the sack of flesh that we’re placed in, for the duration of our existence. We’re more than our bodies or a size, and Jenna and her husband Kutch are undeniable proof of that.



And not only was this an emotional journey for Jenna and her family, but for women who face insecurities and doubts on a daily basis. She became an inspirational hero, giving people a dose of reality and showing that anything is possible.

From women with body positivity struggles to those who are also married to a good-looking man, Jenna gave folks someone to relate to, and a nudge to love themselves.