The First Celeb Street Looks Of 2018

How often do you hear the expression “new year – new me”? It’s usually something we say before new year’s, when we’re setting goals and expectations for ourselves for the next year. We imagine this perfect version of us and we think “this is the year I’m going to become the best me”. We say we’ll start working out, we’ll eat healthier, we won’t drink as much, we’ll get a capsule wardrobe, etc. And it’s not just us, mere mortals who make these resolutions, celebs do this too. Let’s take a look at whether they’re sticking to them and how are they starting 2018. We find it quite amusing to judge these things by their outfits.



1. Kit Harington
Kit Harington looks like he decided to take a 180 on his style this year. He’s been seen out in public wearing a ridiculously colorful cardigan, a beanie and a cozy scarf. Let’s be real – he looks more like Waldo than Jon Snow. But we gotta say, we’re loving this new look. He looks absolutely adorable.



2. Gigi Hadid
The gorgeous model looks like her goal for 2018 is to look like Trinity from the Matrix. It’s definitely a bald move, it sure will get people’s attention, but we gotta admit, she seems to be pulling it off really well. Carrie-Anne Moss is probably either incredibly flattered or insanely jealous that Gigi is wearing this outfit with such ease.

3. Jude Law
Jude Law is always experimenting with his style and this year is no different. He’s been seen wandering the shopping streets dressed in baggy pants and a rather stylish striped jacket, like a proper fashionista that he is.



4. Megan Fox
Megan Fox seems to be still recovering from the holidays. We don’t blame her, it’s hard to return to normal life after chilling at home for Christmas. So what if she’s wandering outside in sweatpants, a pom pom hat and fluffy shoes? We’ve all been there.

5. Kim Kardashian
Kim is looking flawless as per usual. This woman just seems to look perfect no matter what she’s wearing. She could be dressed up to the nines in some fancy dress or just wear monochrome athleisure and she still will always look great. Wonder is this is her workout outfit, or just something she threw on.



6. Cameron Diaz
What happened, Cameron? Why are you walking around looking like you just woke up and forgot to properly dress yourself. We get that over-sized things are in trend, but this is taking it too far. That pink sweater has swallowed you whole.

7. Jennifer Lopez
J-Lo is looking fierce in her workout clothes. I mean, how many of you would dare to wear white leggings? However, it’s not a problem for J-Lo, and she paired it well with a white hoodie that say Boss!. Basically J-Lo is motivation #goals.

8. Colin Farrell
The year has barely started but Colin Farrell already got a parking ticket and he seems really disappointed by it. It’s pretty funny how upset he is about it, but what’s funnier is his hairdo in this photo. What is going on there? Like it would’ve been a pretty casual outfit with sweatpants and a denim shirt, but this hair really took it to a whole new level.



9. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
Not only are these two back together, but they seem to be quite inseparable too. Here you can see Selena and Justin after a workout session. Good one them, staying on top of their fitness and still looking flawless even after a sweat session at the gym.

10. Rihanna
Rihanna probably partied like an animal for New Year’s, and she’s still looking rather sleepy here. It’s hard to tell what she’s wearing, but she clearly went for a total black look with a Burberry hat as pop of color. Questionable fashion choice, but she’s Rihanna, she makes the rules.