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The Most Liked Photos on Instagram 2015


The Most Liked Photos on Instagram 1

You’ve probably heard about the 5th birthday of Instagram recently (6th of October to be exact). Due to the date, one of the most popular social media apps shared the list of the most liked Instagram photos ever. Some of them are really ancient (like Ellen Degeneres’ Oscar selfie) but are still loved and remembered by Instagram fans. We want to keep you up to date and show only the recent photos that gained popularity in 2015. You’ll definitely see some familiar faces and will find out who is the winner in the celebrity-selfie race.



Taylor Swift ‘Cat Selfie’

The Most Liked Photos on Instagram 2Taylor Swift has something to celebrate – her Instagram account hit the score of 50 million followers. Is it due to the 25-year-old singer’s talent? Or is it due to the lovely pets she is taking pictures with? One way or another Taylor swift’s selfie got 2 million likes the day after she posted it on Instagram. We have to admit she looks really cute; showcasing a very homie atmosphere with her cat Meredith, wearing a grey hoodie and making a ‘happy-surprised’ kind of face. That image of a neighborhood girl obviously brings her luck.


Kendall Jenner ‘Heart Hair Selfie’
The Most Liked Photos on Instagram 3The 19-year-old model can boast of the title “owner of the most-liked-ever picture in the history of Instagram”. Her photo got 2.6m likes in just one month beating the wedding picture of Kim and Kanye. What is really so special about the picture? The elegant dress, calm facial features and original pattern of hair doesn’t even let us think about a pic as a selfie – but it actually is one, against all the Instagram rules. Maybe that is why the photograph is so popular. Or maybe that is just a natural talent of the Kardashian-Jenner family to get more and more popularity on Instagram. No matter what, the picture has already started a trend:

The Most Liked Photos on Instagram 4

Selena Gomez ‘European Tour Selfie’
The Most Liked Photos on Instagram 5We don’t see much of Europe here, but we definitely see much of Selena and her gorgeous hair. It goes without saying that Selena is one of the most popular celebs on Instagram with 45.9 million followers. But this pic definitely rocks with 1.9 million likes. Hopefully, her tour will be as successful as her Instagram account. Go Selena!

Beyonce and Her ‘Delicious Cover Girl’
The Most Liked Photos on Instagram 6Beyonce and her 11 month-old daughter Blue, look adorable wearing matching white dresses and almost matching hair buns in the photo. It appeared on Instagram after the September Vogue issue where Beyonce appears on cover in a most glamorous dress. However, Bey seems ready to give all the glory to her little princess. The Instagram picture goes with the comment “The real cover girl” and has already won 2.3 million likes.