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The Secrets of Weight Loss: Celebrities ‘Before and After’


It is amazing how weight loss can change the appearance of people. No doubt celebrities are good at that. Just in several months we can observe amazing body transformations and actually wonder – how do they do that? How do they turn from plus size to skinny so fast and it seems – with no efforts. Actually there is a lot of work before any transformation. Find out the secrets of the stars who manages to lose weight and now rock their gorgeous bodies.


Khloe Kardashian
2 Khloe KardashianLOST 35 pounds

Secret: Workout, laser treatment for cellulite and Corset diet
Khloe exercises 5 days a week and gave up on dairy products (though she loves cheese!). What is even more shocking Khloe (as well as Kim) tried the Corset diet. Khloe went to bed in a tight corset to reduce her waist size and make her belly flat.


Gabourey Sidibe
3 Gabourey SidibeLOST 50 pounds
Secret: No diet
After the Internet scandal about extreme weight loss (179 pounds) and fake Photoshopped images of Gabourey Sibide, it seems the star has actually lost some pounds. Though she refused to comment on her weight and often stressed that she doesn’t care about mean comments about her body, her photos show that she has lost some weight. There are no secrets revealed either but as Gabourney’s mother comments ‘she’s just not interested in dieting at this point in her life’.

Kelly Osbourne
4 Kelly Osbourne
LOST 70 pounds
Secret: Making a commitment to yourself, a tough workout and a reverse diet
Kelly Osborne’s current weight is 112 pounds. She looks gorgeous and flaunts her body with definitely higher level of confidence. As to the secret of weight loss she claimed: “There is no secret. It’s the old-fashioned way of making a commitment to yourself and waking up every day and doing it.” Her trainer admitted Kelly is really hardworking at her hour long workouts, and 30-minute treadmill sessions. As to the diet, Kelly gave up junk food and followed a reverse diet – eating pizza for breakfast and oatmeal for dinner.

Megan Fox
5 Megan FoxLOST 23 pounds
Secret: Paleo diet and workout
Megan Fox, a sex symbol and mother of two kids reveals her post-baby weight loss secret is a strict diet. She refused processed foods and cut back on carbs. She doesn’t eat chips, white bread, crackers, or grain foods. Megan claims the worst thing she allows herself to consume is coffee. Apart from that her diet is absolutely healthy. The Transformers star also eats almonds for detox. Fox workouts regularly, combining cardio with stretching and strength exercises.

Mariah Carey
6 Mariah CareyLOST 30 pounds
Secret: purple diet
After the birth of twins Carey got into shape really fast. The singer commented it is due to a new trend – The Purple Diet where you can eat as much lilac colored food as you want. That includes purple potatoes, lilac cauliflower, carrots and berries. Apart from weight loss this diet has a great antioxidant effect to your body and improves cardiovascular health.

Christina Aguilera
7 Christina AguileraLOST: 49 pounds
Secret: Yoga, balanced diet and no alcohol
Rumors say, Christina loves yoga so much that she didn’t give it up during the whole period of her pregnancy. She follows a balanced diet which makes her limit on alcohol and avoid unhealthy food she used to love. She allows herself some cheat days but most of the time her diet plan looks like this: blueberries, avocado and turkey for breakfast, celery with almond butter or chicken breast for lunch, chicken or fish curry for dinner. The singer is also fond of shrimp cocktails as an option for a healthy snack.
The examples of amazing celebrities’ body transformations just proves to us that nothing is impossible. Either you will choose one of the weight loss plans mentioned or develop your own – your goal should be a healthy and fit body and raised level of confidence. Love yourself and workout!