The Sexiest Beards On Instagram Will Make Your Day

There’s something about a man with a beard that takes charge and makes us swoon like no others. Maybe it’s the rugged back-to-basics manliness that pairs so perfectly with a man bun, or maybe it’s the recent lumbersexual fever that the world has been facing. Either way, these bearded babes will surely make you weak in the knees – be sure to check them out and create unrealistic standards for your dream man.



1. This heartbreaker is giving us West Indian vibes, and we simply can’t say no to that man bun. Or those perfect eyebrows and chocolate skin. The beard hasn’t grown to its full magnificence, but we like this well-groomed cutie so far.

Good googly moogly @senorgarza

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2. We certainly wouldn’t say no to an espresso break with this gorgeous creature. His gaze is staring right into our soul and stealing it, and that thickly forested perfection is giving us goosebumps.



3. We would never exclude the silver foxes from this list. This salt and pepper hottie has groomed himself well, and that adorable hair flop still shows us he has some youthfulness inside that we’d like to explore. Stay classy, and call us…

4. If you’re into dudes with tattoo covered torsos, this blond deity is the rustic lumbersexual that you’ve been waiting for. His beard is practically a gold halo surrounding that stunning face.

?@spizoiky #BeardsAndTats

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5. French bulldog puppies and bearded hottie? This is cuteness overload. Brain about to explode. We would love to nuzzle ourselves in that beard while we nuzzle those puppies in our arms. #doggydaddygoals, for real.

Too cute @roque_80 #BeardsAndTats

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6. Table soccer has never seemed that appealing, but we would jump at the chance to play with this beautiful man. The haircut and beard are both flawless, as are those tasty biceps. Let us get a taste of those gold chains, papi.

I think it's about time we get back to the beards, yes? Did you miss us? ? @allenonyia

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7. Another foolproof dog and babe pic that’s let itself into our hearts. That man-mane on top of his head sure could give Jared Leto a run for his money. The beard is subtle here, but still extremely fierce.



8. Well, hello eyes. Yes, please do pull that glorious hair away from your face so I can see your arms flex, and focus on that dream, dreamy eye-and-lash combo.



9. Wow. If Bon Iver and Jesus had a lovechild, this gauge-wearing babe would be it. His icy eyes are piercing, and those beach waves sure make us daydream about taking a tumble in the sand with him. “Castaway” fantasies for days.


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10. Hey QT, what you pensively thinking about over there? Hopefully, asking us out on a coffee date. Inked and a man bun, sitting in the middle of nature in his skintight jeans? Yes, we will have one to go please.



11. This dude gives our own hair-flip a run for its money. So much volume! We have a crush and want to walk down that sunset-lit beach with him, but also are curious as to where he purchases his conditioner.

? @alepierozan Brazilian model Alessandro Pierozan. ✌️??

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12. This boo is giving us slight Ryan Gosling vibes, and somehow, we are digging the man necklace on him! Never has an inside out white t-shirt looked so delicious. And grooming game simply on point. Beard gang forever.

13. Ahhh. Something about those flyaways and that puppy dog gaze! This golden-skinned Brazilian babe has nailed the messy bun better than any of your girlfriends have ever managed to. Need to nuzzle in this beard ASAP.



14. Ok, a bit of a crazed look, but with those eyes, he can make whatever facial expression he wants! That chest piece fulfills all of our inked bae dreams, and that bear game is long and proud. Definitely feeling it.

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15. Well, hello there. Those arms and pecks certainly aren’t hiding under his Hanes, and his little smirk seems to know it. Loving how clean the lines on this beard are, but little strands left over from his man bun are still falling in his face. Looks like a Calvin Klein ad. And we’d like a copy for our bedroom, thanks.

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16. We’re glad this mega-babe left the top down, so his glorious beard can glisten in the sunlight! We’ll forgive the fact that he’s wearing a t-shirt with holes because his beard and eyebrows are 10/10. Manliness at its finest.


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17. Anyone who’s uttered the phrase “four-eyes” in a negative way is about to apologize profusely and take it back, because this manly gaze is serving up so much sexiness, we need to sit down. Wish he was our professor ;)



18. Patriotic bearded bae is posing with so much intensity, and we love it. Fittingly posted on the 4th of July, this tatted and tank-wearing hottie needs to take advantage of his freedom by stripping that shirt and letting us see that tat-armored bod!

⚔ BEARDED VILLAIN ⚔ INDEPENDENCE DAY. This is @levistocke Photo by @mariuszjeglinski Happy 4th of July ??.

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