These Sweaters Camouflage People Into Surroundings – Every Introvert’s Fantasy

When you think of fashion, you often think of standing out from the crowd. How you express your individuality through your style, and how others look on with admiration towards your unique sense of trendiness. But for introverts, the goal is blending in, not standing out. You want to be noticed as little as possible.



English photographer Joseph Ford understands this better than anyone, and he designed a collection inspired by these introverts! Ford is based between London and Paris at the moment, and joined forces with his friend Nina Dodd who knits. Together, they created a project that makes you invisible in your surroundings.



It was appropriately called “knitted camouflage”. Six people (and one dog) enthusiastically participated in the project. They wore custom hand-knitted sweaters courtesy of Dodd that made them effortlessly blend in and disappear into their environment.

Included in the project is a famous pop culture nod – we get to see French street artist Monsieur Chat’s cat on the wall, who even turns invisible himself!

Our favorite is the guy blending in with his bus seat who almost looks like he’s knitted both his outfit and the chairs. That eyebrow raise, hand tat and beard have our heart – he’s not invisible to us!

And of course, the dog steals the spotlight here, even though that’s the opposite of this project’s intentions. Be careful with this one, though: if Fido runs into the bushes, you might never find him if he’s wearing this get-up.

To the chick in white and blue sitting on the stairs, thank goodness for his Vans and vibrant red curls, otherwise someone might step on him as they’re going for a stroll.

This concept really takes minimalism to the next level, but we’re sure that many people have polarizing opinions on it. For divas that like to be noticed, this style might not be the choice. But Ford could have started a trend with this look. We look forward to seeing what blending or camouflaging options come on the runway following this project.