This Collage Artist Merges Disney And Pop Culture In The Coolest Way

Andhika Muksin  makes collage fan art. It essentially combines the worlds of pop culture and different cultural mediums with Disney images and characters, offering them contemporary nuance with a bit of cheekiness.



For instance, this faux Paparazzi shot of Ariel the Mermaid peeping over Jon Snow’s shoulder as he casually checks his text messages. We definitely vote her for his next celeb girlfriend.



But this celeb relationship is even more impressive, because Snow White looks so indifferent but chic next to her tatted up boy band love. Are you into the Snow White and GiGi mash-up?

Andhika has referred to his art as portraying “inter-dimensional” relationships, which is pretty hilarious. This piece of collage fan art truly depicts the essence of a boujee girls night, with all the princess baddies making an appearance.



This work of art looks more illustrated, and we’re not exactly sure what the Disney mashup with Archie & the gang is supposed to be, but since Riverdale is our new obsession, we’re into it either way.

This “Bae and the Beast” image is a remix on the couple that travels around the globe and takes these infamous hand-holding, breathtaking scenic images. Here, Belle took the reins instead, leading her Beast around town.



This image of Cinderella and her boo is the best on so many levels! They’re in a bus passing by the Magical Kingdom, and she’s clearly in a comfy outfit and position that lend well to impromptu naps that are meant for buses.


Pocahontas and Snow White rocking out at Coachella are BFF goals, and even a possible Halloween costume for the coming year. Are they dancing to Kanye or Cardi? We’ll never know.


We think Ariel came pretty far from being a daddy’s girl with a tail confined to the ocean, to working out with bae in matching grey tees on a Sunday. Be your best self, you cuties!



When you’re out for a wine night with the girls and Ariel’s selfie game is on point but Mulan just wants the grilled calamari to come out already! 2018 and the Disney gals merge seamlessly once again.


Cinderella makes another appearance here in chic airport style. Why is this couple always traveling? While her man looks kind of unamused, this couple is dripping swag and animated #relationshipgoals.