This Girl Turns Her Coffee Cups Into Art

When you’re a true artist, you can make anything into art, even a paper cup. That’s exactly what Vitalia from Odessa, Ukraine is doing. She loves painting, but she got a bit bored with the traditional methods and supplies, so she started experimenting and looking for other mediums that she could use instead of the usual canvas. She attempted drawing on all sorts of objects she found in her house, but nothing stuck until she tried painting on a paper cup from her daily coffee. After that she knew it was the perfect canvas for her.



Vitalia and her husband always have coffee to go, it’s become a little tradition of theirs, so they use up a lot of paper cups, and while some coffee shops try to make their takeaway cups look a bit creative, most just leave them blank and boring. So Vitalia has a brilliant ideal to try and turn the paper cups into a piece of decor, so it wouldn’t feel like such a waste. The result was stunning.



Vitalia usually paints self portraits on the cups or pictures of herself in various locations. She then takes a picture of the cup with herself in the same position and location in the background. So in the end these cups become little snapshots of her life, travels and adventures. Her unique project garnered a lot of popularity on Instagram and she now has over 76K followers. When she first started this project she had no idea it would explode like this on social media, but it sure was a pleasant surprise. Let’s take a look at some of her cup paintings, shall we?



1. Gorgeous sakura trees, both in real life and on the cup.



2. Beautiful Palace in Lviv and beautiful Vitalia.



3. Lovely streets and delicious coffee.

4. A cup of hot coffee on a cold winter day is exactly what the doctor prescribed.



5. Vitalia’s favorite things in life are art, coffee and sea.

6. Selfie evolution – oil painting on paper cup.



7. Looks like something out of a Disney cartoon, don’t you think?



8. Pretty girl, a cup of coffee, beach, sea and some birds. What else do you need in life?

9. When your cappuccino is as foamy as the sea.



10. Some moments just need to be immortalized on canvas, or a paper cup.

11. That seagull stole my donut! That one!



12. Let’s call this “a lady full of mysteries”



13. Good morning! I woke up like this.

14. When the sky is that pretty you have no choice but to paint it.



15. Perfect breakfast picnic with some delicious coffee.