This Illustrator Turns Disney Girls High Fashion

We’re all used to seeing fashion illustrations – maybe for you, it conjures up. Those rough sketches that the contestants on Project Runway due to convey their vision.



Or maybe it’s a more fun and funky interpretation, like Nasty Kosyanova does.



This fashion illustrator has her own shop where she sells prints, but it’s her Instagram turning cartoons to fashion icons that really has us smitten.



It blends old styles with new for an unbeatably chic and gorgeous style. For instead, her European fashion week remix of the simple Snow White, in a Ferrari red reimagining.


As a matter of fact, she also specializes in giving cartoon lady protagonists complete makeovers. Because when you’re a matriarch of Disney, shouldn’t you look like the smart and empowered woman that you are?



Here, Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” has just had a tiring day of shopping at Gucci. The perfect look – a chiffon, semi-sheer baby doll dress paired with a slightly baggy jean jacket, top knot, and converse. Plus, the perfect bag to match her shopping expedition.


And not all of her princesses are grown-ups as Vanellope von Schweetz proves. This pint-sized cutie is in a denim on denim look, and we love the theme of the princesses rocking accessories from the high end fashion houses they just indulged in.



Merida went more simple for her look and wore hair down and wild (as it’s known best) with an oversized t-shirt dress which boasts one of Moschino’s fantastic slogans, finished off by a chunky ankle boot. We have to say, this daring and simple look might be our favorite so far! Very Hadid.


Mulan has totally perfected the supermodel street style look as pictured outside of Tom Ford. Can this please be Taylor Swift’s new girl posse? Super skinny ripped black jeans and combat boots pair well with a light camel leather jacket. She’s come a long way from dressing like a boy warrior!



Rapunzel is a Disney starlet that we haven’t seen in a while, and we comment Nasty for taking on the long-haired vixe. It’s hard to make floor length hair look good, but the easy, breezy athleisure looks of Prada managed to let her flow shine even brighter!


We always saw Aurora as one of the classiest Disney princesses, so when this illustrator put her in a very Carrie Bradshaw inspired Valentino look complete with swirling rose dress and baggy sweater, we couldn’t help but fall in love.



Jasmine has definitely gotten a Kardashian remix here, and we don’t know what to think. The focus is for sure on the bling, but couldn’t she have gone more lady-like and less Vegas like she did with the other princesses. This version of Jasmine needs a sandwich and less tight bell bottoms.


Here, Cinderella rocks her ever famous up-do, and looks more like a powerful lady boss than a sassy debutant. With Chanel as the brand of focus, how could you not have your heroine channel such empowering elegance? We love the peekaboo bra and stiletto details.



This look gives us life but is also so sad, given the recent fate of Versace. What better way to celebrate it than with one of Donatella’s classic, gaudy and loud miniskirts? Moana gives this outfit justice with her long, highlighted waves that remixes her island look as a grown woman in the city!