This Mickey Mouse Dog Has Gone Viral, And Here’s Why

Ever seen a real life version of Mickey Mouse? Well, one does exist, and she’s no mouse. This little gal is called Goma (it means Sesame in Japanese), and she’s a Papillon Maltese cross.



This four-year-old lives in Tokyo, Japan and she’s gone viral in the US for looking like the hilarious Disney character. She’s incredibly cute and we must agree that we thought this image was photoshopped at first.



Who wouldn’t want to run away with this stunning and perfectly groomed little fur-ball? Seriously, Goma looks like a straight up stuffed animal and is the thing that snuggle dreams are made of.

We’re not sure if Goma was groomed this way or if she was just born with these magnificent ears, but either way, she’s the most fabulous dog walking around Tokyo.

It seems as though she must have a 5-star groomer. Maybe the same hairstylist who caters to the Victoria’s Secret Angels? The precision of those circles is so artful – it must take a master dog groomer.



If you think about it, her head is kind of shaped like a heart thanks to these ears, and that makes total sense because her smile lights tip a room and she looks as though she’s filled with love!

She already has over 75,000 followers on Instagram, and we’re sure that her celebrity is only going to grow from here. We can’t even imagine the adorable fan mail that this nugget is getting!

She’s already been featured on Vogue Korea’s Instagram page, and is trending in every country, it appears.



Gomu really pulls off the cute bandannas that her human puts her in for photoshoots, and her head tilt proves that she really knows how to catch the light.

If she was a human, we’re not sure if people would think these jumbo ears would be found as attractive as they are on this mini Ewok. But we do know that she makes our day a little brighter