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Top 10 Actresses Who’ve Played Superheroes in Movies


It’s impossible to stay indifferent when you see modern superhero movies with one or more female leads. They are just beyond badass! Over the years we’ve seen X-Men, Batman, Catwoman, Avengers, and a bunch of other movie franchises feature some of the most spectacular female superheroes who are not only smart and beautiful, but can also throw some pretty spectacular punches. And don’t get us even started on TV shows like Jessica Jones, Buffy, Wonder Woman, and Dark Angel. We simply love it when a gorgeous woman saves the day and it seems that Hollywood loves it, too! Here are top 10 actresses who’ve played superheroes in movies.



Elizabeth Olsen (The Avengers: Age of Ultron)
We see the Scarlet Witch, portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen, appear in a few movies of the Marvel Universe – The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. The girl has really had a tough life and could have easily ended up on the wrong side (which she kind of did, but then decided against it). Her telekinetic powers have no boundaries and she can bring down even the mightiest of the villains.



Famke Janssen (X-Men franchise)
Dr. Jean Grey, portrayed by the incredibly gorgeous Famke Janssen, is one of the most believable characters in the X-Men movie franchise. She’s amazing both as a woman (who is romantically involved with Scott and has something going on with Wolverine as well), and a mutant with incredible telekinetic superpowers. We’ve seen her character change and mature throughout the movies, which made Jean Grey one of the all-time favorites.

Zoe Saldana (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Gamora is definitely not one of those women that succumb to ‘pelvic sorcery’ (aka dancing), but she definitely knows a thing or two about moving around super fast, kicking some villain asses, and running away from her horrifying monster of a step-dad. Zoe Saldana’s character has just the right amount of sass and skills to pass the ‘female superhero’ test and not enough blood-thirst to become a cold-blooded killer. Keeping the balance is key!




Halle Berry (X-Men)
Remember X-Men from 2000 and Halle Berry’s gorgeous performance as Storm? The actress did an amazing job with what she had and managed to create an emotional character both interesting and complex. She’s also one of the most stable members of the X-Men team and that’s something that should count. She always knows what she’s fighting for and where her loyalties lie. She even took care of the school after the ‘death’ Charles Xavier!

Jennifer Lawrence (X-Men)
Mystique is one of the characters that immediately captures your attention. With close to no backstory at all, Mystique seems to always be in the right place where she’s need the most. Yet she undoubtedly has her own ulterior motives, whether it’s trying to save the mutants or her own gorgeous blue skin. We love how modest and fierce she is, being a real superhero but never posing herself as such. Jennifer Lawrence turned out to be a perfect match for the role!



Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman)
Thousands of Wonder Woman fans were skeptical when they first heard Gal Gadot was to play the main lead. It’s a hard role to pull off without looking ridiculous and insincere. Well, you know what? Gal Gadot rocked being an Amazonian princess and we can only applaud her for the action-packed portrayal of the character. Did you know she was five months pregnant when filming the movie? Yeah, she’s a tough cookie!

Scarlett Johannes (Marvel Universe)
It’s got to be hard to play one of the toughest modern heroines on the big screen, but Scarlett Johannsson is doing a great job. Black Widow is as deadly as her name suggests. She has all the skillset needed to hang out with other superhero boys and never asks for help – in fact, she’s the one that often saves the day! We are dreaming to watch a movie dedicated only to her and her fighting prowess, but for now we can only watch her steal the spotlight in a bunch of other movies from the Marvel Universe.

Margot Robbie (Suicide Squad)
Although Harley Quinn is definitely a super-villain, we simply can’t omit her from the list. The movie itself was not very much of a success, but we can all agree that Harley Quinn was the one character that made it at least somehow bearable. Her character development is truly unique – only a very special woman could have fallen in love with the insane Joker and that says something about him, too. We’ve seen her drop her career as a doctor and choose the path of violence, witty puns, and brutal force. In Suicide Squad, though, she and a bunch of other criminal take on the roles of superheroes that need to save the day. She’s still a bad girl, but she can definitely do some good!



Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games)
Although not exactly a comic superhero movie, The Huger Games definitely delves into the realm of powerful heroines that save the day (and thousands of people). Not only does Katniss Everdeen fight for her own life and the lives of her friends, she also becomes the national symbol of resistance that inspires millions of people. Caught up in the power play of forces much greater than her, she manages to transform from a simple girl into a fighter willing to risk her life in order to destroy the oppressive regime.

Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman Returns)
Selina Kyle, portrayed by the gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer, was under huge pressure to play one of the leading ladies of Gotham, who is strong, smart and quite feral at times. Selina Kyle was among the first female superheroes that weren’t just someone’s love interest or a means to make the plot more alluring. She was literally pushed out of the window by her boss and then laid on the cold ground with cats running all around her. This was the moment of transformation that changed everything!