Top 10 Inspiring Bangladeshi Women

In case you didn’t know Bangladesh is home to some pretty good looking women. If you’ve ever watched some Dhallywood movies you’ve probably noticed that those actresses are always so hot. Well if you want to know more and see more beautiful Bangladeshi women you’ve come to the right place. Today we’re taking a look at the 10 hottest Bangladeshi Women.



1. Nusraat Faria Mazhar
This gorgeous lady is a Bangladeshi actress, model, TV presenter and radio jockey. Nusraat Faria Mazhar is only 22 years old but she’s already appeared in many TV commercials and radio programs. You might know her as the host of Fair and Handsome: The Ultimate Man. She also starred in 2 movies called Aashiqui and Hero 420.

2. Nusrat Imroz Tisha
Nusrat Imroz Tisha is a model and an actress. She has been in quite a few Bangladeshi TV shows and movies, but you probably remember her most from Third Person Singular Number and Television.

3. Mim Bidya Sinha Saha
Mim Bidya Sinha Saha is a very well known Bangladeshi actress and one of the most established models in Asia. She’s got quite a career in Dhallywood and is actually one of the highest-paid actresses in the Bangladeshi film industry. She started her career on television as a host and starred in a lot of TV shows, then moved on to movies.

4. Anika Kabir Shokh
Anika is a gorgeous Bangladeshi girl of many talents. She’s an actress, a model and a dancer. Her modeling career started in 2002 and by 2009 she was already acting in TV shows like FnF: Friends and Family. So far she’s only appeared in two movies Bolo Na Tumi Amar and Olpo Olpo Premer Golpo, but we’re sure she’s going to be in more in the near future. With her looks, a film career is inevitable.

5. Paromita Mitra
Paromita Mitra is a girl of exceptional beauty. She’s an American model, but she was born in Bangladesh. She has the title of Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2009 and Miss Mississippi USA 2013. She even went on to represent Mississippi in the Miss USA 2013 pageant. Not only is this lady stunningly beautiful, but she’s also very smart. She graduated the Mississippi State University with a degree in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in mathematics.

6. Mehjabin Chowdhury
Mehjabin Chowdhury is a Bangladeshi actress and model. She has worked with many brands that include but are not limited to Pepsi, 7Up, Lux, Maggi and Aarong. She is also a winner of a Bangladeshi beauty pageant Lux Channel I Superstar 2009. Apart from her modeling and beauty pageant career, Mehjabin also appears in a Bangladeshi TV drama and is working on two movies.

7. Pori Moni
Pori Moni is a Bangladeshi actress who started out as a model. She started modeling after she finished the Higher Secondary School in 2012. By 2015 she became a successful actress and has appeared in 12 movies a year. You probably recognize her from movies like Rana Plaza, Lover No. 1 and Bhalobasha Shimahen. The most recent movie she appeared in is called Rokto.

8. Achol
Achol mostly appears in Dhallywood movies, even though she briefly did some modeling at the beginning of her career. So that makes her a model turned actress. Her debut film role was in a movie called Bhool in 2011. You probably have seen her in movies like Kistimaat, Prem Prem Paglaami and Faand: The Trap. You could say she’s still at the start of her career but she’s already appeared in 17 movies so far. That’s quite an achievement for someone who’s only been in the industry for 6 years.

9. Mahiya Mahi
Mahiya Mahi is considered to be one of the most successful and one of the most attractive actresses in Dhallywood. She only started her career as an actress in 2012 but she’s already extremely popular and was called “a new sensation” by the Bangladeshi media in 2013. So far she’s been in 19 movies and has been nominated for the best film actress award 5 times.

10. Alisha Pradhan
Alisha is a very pretty Bangladeshi girl and her occupation is difficult to pinpoint. She’s an actress, a model, an entrepreneur and a TV host. She began her career as a model quite early on and appeared in various commercials. She became a TV sensation thanks to her numerous TV show roles, the most famous of which are 1st Date and Shopnochura. She made her first film debut in 2013.