Top 10 Unforgettable Kardashian Exes

Whoever’s reading this, if you’re interested in anything Kardashian, you are in for a treat – concerning the most glorious reality show family that has been keeping us entertained for years (and we hope for many more to come)! It is hard for us non-Kardashians to connect the dots and remember every single person this family dated. But have no fear – we are bringing you the 10 most unforgettable humans who at some point in their lives were involved with the Kardashians.



1. Scott Disick
Kourtney’s on again, off again love for the past decade; these two have been keeping us on our toes since 2007. Kourtney did mention that the source of her worries is Scott’s over-the-top partying habits, but let’s hope this adorable couple works something out!



2. Kris Humphries
Ah, the notorious Kim and Kris. Although adorable as a couple these two had a lot to work on. Their 72-day marriage surely produced a lot of material for the ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, but was it all for the fame? We’ll never know. We truly hope these two don’t hold a grudge against each other!

3. Nick Lachey
After his scandalous divorce from the one and only Jessica Simpson, Nick dated Kim. Although Lachey is convinced that Kim K used his name to attract more attention to herself and her brand, their short union will forever be cherished in our hearts.



4. Lamar Odom
Who can ever forget the marriage of Khloe and Lamar? Even though Khloe filed for divorce twice, we will always remember her rushing to his bedside after Odom was hospitalized in Las Vegas. Real love never fades, am I right?

5. Nick Cannon
Surprised to see this name on the list? Don’t worry, Nick only dated Kim for about 4 months back in 2006 – 2007. Although it didn’t work out between these two, Nick still says that Kim is “one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet”. How sweet!



6. Damon Thomas
#ThrowbackThursday to Kim’s first marriage! Can you believe she was only 19 when these two eloped? Ah, the ups and downs of young love. Their relationship lasted 3 years before Kim filed for divorce, and it wasn’t a pretty break up. We hope these two have hashed things out over the years!

7. Adrienne Bailon
The singer, songwriter, and actress dated Rob Kardashian back in 2009. Our favorite Cheetah Girl and Rob were the cutest couple! Recently, Rob mentioned being cheated on in a previous relationship but we sure hope he isn’t talking about Adrienne!



8. Rita Ora
Yes, our favorite British singer dated Rob Kardashian back in 2012. This relationship was very fleeting – the couple went out for less than two months. However, some people still speculate that close ties with the Kardashians is what put Rita on the map. Who knows?

9. James Harden
This is a recent one that still hurts. The Houston Rockets player dated Khloe all through the hard times of Lamar Odom’s accident but the couple called it quits shortly after. There wasn’t a ton of concrete evidence, but according to Khloe, cheating was involved. Let us hope her heart heals fast – she’s been through a lot.

10. Ray J
What kind of list would this be without Ray J on it? If you didn’t know Kim and Ray J dated – please tell us what planet you are from. That notorious sex tape and a diss track that was just released prove that Ray and Kim drama is truly the gift that keeps on giving.