Top 12 Celebrities Who Stay Out of the Spotlight

Being famous and in the spotlight is an impressive and exciting journey for all stars and stars to be. But sometimes that spotlight comes with some unwarranted side effects, and celebrities prefer to keep their personal lives shrouded in a little mystery, to protect their loved ones and make sure names aren’t unnecessarily in the tabloids. Here are our favorite celebrities who have sneakily managed to do that!



Sia is known for hiding her face behind massive wigs, and though it seems like a shtick, it’s due to the fact that she hates the magnifying glass fame puts on your life, and doesn’t want to be judged for how she looks. That makes sense – keep rocking those mega wigs, girl!



Adel’s relationship with her son is thought to be the reason for the star’s reclusions. Maybe it’s her key to her and her family’s happiness. In that case, keep on going with that secret! The concept of fame stresses her out like it does Sia. Stay real, Adele.

Michelle Williams
Maybe the tragic death of her ex lover Heath Ledger has to do with it, but from Dawson’s Creek to My Blue Valentine, she’s managed to keep most of her life out of the paparazzi. Michelle and her daughter Matilda aren’t often in the gossips magazines, and if they are they’re rarely confirmed by her.



Idris Elba
The handsome star is still somewhat of an enigma – but he distracts people with his seductive accent every time, we’re convinced. He’s all smiles in his public appearances but keeps it quiet outside of that and rarely divulges secrets or gossip behind his relationships, current or past.

Cate Blanchett
She’s given such amazing performances over the years, yet her personal life is still somewhat of a mystery. Maybe that’s the key to her 20 year long marriage to screenwriter and playwright Andrew Upton! Did you know she had four kids? We didn’t either – so sneaky, Cate!



Sandra Bullock
This heavy-hitter is one of the biggest female earners in Hollywood, yet has finessed keeping her personal life out of the spotlight pretty well! Her son Louis who is adopted is most likely the reason for the increased privacy. All her relationships have been pretty hush hush.

Frank Ocean
This alternative R&B cutie reps his identity as a gay man loud and proud, but we don’t really have a window into his personal life. He’s generally kind of uncomfortable at high-profile social gatherings, especially at the Met Gala (social anxiety, we relate). He’s been quoted on saying being a bit of a recluse is “important”



Lupita N’yongo
You can remember this beauty’s acting skills in 12 Years a Slave, and regardless of what a bae she is, we rarely know about her personal life, or her romantic partners. With all the rush of sudden fame and the ability to still keep an impressively low profile, we have faith she’ll keep it up.

Although Eminem often rapped about his personal life, the details of his drama wasn’t ever really revealed, and his daughter managed to grow up normal, not affected by the fame! At least he was only atrocious in his music, and not in his parenting!



Julia Roberts
Julia is everyone’s favorite from “Pretty Woman” to “Eat Pray Love”. She married someone that was used to being behind the scenes (cameraman Danny Moder) and likes to chill out between Malibu and a farm in Santa Fe, New Mexico, rather than living in LA and letting the fame get to her head. All about the little things!

Amanda Seyfried
Amanda may be a famous stunner who’s in all the biggest movies, but you don’t hear her name being dragged through the tabloids much (just her shared IG info about her sweet dog Finn!) She’s been quoted saying “I don’t want to become a brand and I certainly don’t want to have a persona. I don’t want to be in magazines everyday”.



Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle’s exit from the spotlight is remembered due to it’s rather dramatic nature – in 2004, he suffered a breakdown and told a heckling audience “You know why my show is good? Because the network officials say you’re not smart enough to get what I’m doing, and every day I fight for you. I tell them how smart you are. Turns out, I was wrong. You people are stupid.” Ouch. Now he lives in serene Yellow Springs Farm in Ohio. We hope he’s found peace there.