Top 6 Indonesian Youtubers

Youtube seems to be taking over these days. If you’re in your 20’s or younger you probably don’t even watch TV that much. It’s all about Youtube these days. We hear about Youtube celebs even more than we do about TV or movie celebs. And with Youtube personalities it’s so much easier to keep in touch and see what they’re up to. Plus, there’s a much bigger variety of personalities and kinds of content on Youtube than there is on TV. So today, let’s talk about the top 6 Indonesian Youtubers.



1. Raditya Dika
This is probably the most famous and most watched Indonesian Youtube channel. It’s got more than 2 million subscribers. The mastermind behind it is of course Raditya Dika, who actually started out as a blogger and later became a Youtuber. He’s also a very talented writer and stand-up comedian. He’s known for his TV show Malam Minggu Miko, which translates to Miko’s Saturday Night. He also made a mockumentary about it called Miko, which is very popular amongst Indonesian teens.

2. Sacha Stevenson
Sacha is a Canadian who moved to Indonesia back in 2001. As a foreigner she immediately started noticing that some aspects of everyday life in Indonesia differ from those in Canada, so she filmed a funny sketch video called “How To Act Indonesian” to show what one should do to blend in Indonesian. The video blew up on Youtube and she basically became an overnight success. You can see her hilarious series of sketches on her channel, along with other funny videos and vlogs.

3. Natasha Farani
If you ever struggled with tying a hijab, or perhaps you’re in a rut and would like to find new ways to tie it – Natasha’s channel is the perfect solution for you. This girl seems to have an endless supply of ideas and creative ways of tying a hijab. She also does vlogs and makeup tutorials, so really it’s a one stop shop for any girl. Natasha has almost 150k subscribers, so you know her videos are good if so many people keep coming back for more.

4. Christian Sugiono
Christian studied film-making, so you know his videos are going to look good, be well produced and interesting. His channel is called Malesbagnetdotcom, which is also the name of his company. He’s got almost half a million subscribers and he usually uploads fun, witty and interesting videos. He does all sorts of things like funny sketches, vlogs, and infographic videos explaining some pretty interesting things. He also likes to collaborate with his fellow Youtubers on various interesting projects.

5. The Lopez Group
Better known as skinnyindonesian24 on Youtube, this channel was created by brothers Andovi and Jovial da Lopez and now has more than half a million subscribers. These guys are very popular with the teen audience. They make hilarious sketch videos and song covers. When you first visit their channel, the first thing you see is this channel art that says “Fearless. Intelligent. Indonesian” and that’s exactly what they are.

6. Bayu Skak
Bayu Skak became quite a celebrity on Youtube doing covers of traditional Javanese songs, very much unlike most of other Indonesian youtube musicians and singers who tried to do covers of English songs. His channel has more than 600k subscribers now and it just keeps growing. Bayu Skak has branched out of just song overs and now does a variety of videos like vlogs, sketches, game videos and more.