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What’s Inside The Outrageously Expensive Oscar 2016 Gift Bags


whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-00Oscars are a huge deal for everyone. For us, as fans, it’s a great time to see all of our favorite celebrities get awards for doing their job well. For celebrities it’s a huge deal too, but it’s also a very stressful time of the year. They have to do everything they possibly can to look incredible and get into the best shape of their life, while dealing with the possibility of winning an Oscar and having to do a speech, or losing and trying to keep their cool, all while pretending “it doesn’t even matter, it’s an honor to be nominated”. And it’s not like they can just shut themselves at home and freak out about the Oscars. They have to go on with their life, continue working and do a million interviews where everyone will ask them about the Oscars. On the plus side – they get an Oscar goodie bag.

whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-01 whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-02Yup, those lucky enough to be nominated in the Best Actor/Actress/Director category get a special Oscar gift bag that includes all sorts of goodies and treats. And we’re not talking candy and perfume samples, we’re talking $250 000 worth of luxury items. Now all that stress seems worth it, right?



Lets look inside this year’s Oscar goodie bag, shall we?

whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-03The most expensive things in the gift bag is a 10 day first class trip to Israel. The value of that is estimated at $55,000, just letting you know so you can paint a picture of what kind of trip that is.



whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-04 In case you don’t feel like going to Israel, and would prefer to visit a different country, that’s not a problem either. There’s a 15 day walking tour of Japan, valued at $45,000.

whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-05Prefer road trips? Not a problem. The Oscars goodie bag includes a year of unlimited Audi car rentals from Silvercar, valued at $45,000.

whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-06For those worried that all this travelling will wreck havoc with their skin, the Oscars gift bag includes a lifetime supply of all kinds of Lizora creams, valued at around $31,000.




whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-07For those who don’t rely solely on creams and want a bit extra oomph, there’s a gift certificate for a laser skin tightening procedure at Ultherapy. The cost of that is usually around $5,500.

whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-08Those who like SPA treatments will be delighted to know that a Steamist at home spa is included in the Oscars goodie bag. (around $5,000)

whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-09A “Vampire Breast” Lift ($1,900) is a special procedure that uses your own blood to perk up your breasts. Sounds freaky, right? But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about it. Vampire facials have been quite popular in Hollywood before.



whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-10To make sure that the Oscar Nominees stay in perfect shape, the gift bag includes three private training sessions with a celebrity wellness expert Jay Cardiello ($1,400) and a personal fitness sessions with celebrity trainer Alexi Seletzky ($900).

whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-11The gift bag also includes a Nuelle Fiera Arouser For Her ($250). That’s kind of cool but a bit awkward, right? What’s Leonardo DiCaprio going to do with that?

whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-12Another cool thing in the Oscars goodie bag is a Haze Dual V3 Vaporizer ($249.99). Now that’s something Leo will appreciate, even though no one will be allowed to use one at the Oscars.

whats-inside-the-outrageously-expensive-oscar-2016-gift-bags-13The Oscar Nominees get some chocolate treats of course, but to keep them in check, they also get some slimwear ($30) and weight-loss gummies ($20).



This isn’t a full list of gifts the Oscar Nominees receive, but it should give you a pretty good idea.