Wonder Woman -The Superhero Movie We’ve All Been Waiting For

A movie about a female superhero. We spent years longing for something like this without even knowing it. Months of anxious waiting, hoping that they don’t mess it up. Weeks before the release praying it’s good and that it does well in the cinema. Finally Wonder Woman is out and it didn’t disappoint. If you haven’t seen Wonder Woman yet, there will be spoilers ahead, so this is your warning.



Let’s start with casting choices, shall we? Gal Gadot, who plays Wonder Woman, in our opinion was a perfect choice for the role. Here’s a little background on Gal. She was born in Israel, her mom is a teacher, her dad is an engineer. At the age of 19 she won the Miss Israel beauty pageant, at the age of 20 she enlisted in the Israeli Defence Forces and served as a combat instructor for 2 years. After that she went to study law. She’s also a model who worked with Gucci, Jaguar Cars, Miss Sixty, she’s been the covergirl for Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Entertainment Magazine, Cleo, Fashion. She’s been featured in Maxim, at the age of 21 as part of “Women of Israeli Army” photoshoot. She’s married and has two young daughters born in 2011 and 2017. Do we have to continue? She IS the real Wonder Woman.



From the first scenes of the Amazons training and little Diane looking wishfully at them and wanting to join in it made our hearts beat faster and our chests swell up with joy and pride. Those wonderful, strong, incredible Amazons might be wearing very short outfits, but you wouldn’t dare cat call them. They will annihilate you.

The shots of Robin Wright training Diane to be the strongest of them all are just #goals. Speaking of Robin Wright playing the general, oh man did she slay in this movie. Her smiling face alone, as she goes to kill an army of men, is worth living for. And the whole army of Amazons behind her, riding horses, slashing men with swords, shooting arrows at the enemy – best action scene ever!



Can we also talk about how Wonder Woman might be naive in some ways, she’s an absolute sass queen. Her outrage at men not taking her seriously is so relatable. The line about how men might be crucial for reproduction but are unnecessary when it comes to pleasure made everyone woman in the cinema laugh out loud and nod knowingly.



Throughout the whole movie men tell her she can’t or shouldn’t do something, and every time she proves them wrong. Oh it’s “no man’s land” and no one can cross it? She can, she’s freaking Wonder Woman. Oh you think it’s ridiculous to think that Ares the god of war is causing this huge war that’s been going on for years? You think it’s crazy to think if you can kill him this madness will stop? Well she’s already done it, it’s all fixed, by Wonder Woman alone. Every time you undermine Wonder Woman she shows you exactly why you should have never doubted her. And the best thing? Her massage isn’t that of revenge or anger. She believes that you can save the world with love.

Take your kid to see this movie, take your mom, your grandma, any woman in your family, and bring the men too. Everyone needs to see this movie and feel empowered. But if you need more reasons, here are some of the reactions people posted on Twitter after watching Wonder Woman.