You Need To Order This Australian Firefighters Calendar ASAP

Looking for a new calendar this year? Then this 2018 Australian Firefighters calendar is all that you need this year. Bae will probably get jealous, but it’ll be worth it if you get to wake up looking at these hunks on a daily basis.



You’ll be finding excuses to look for appointments as you’re just staring at these tasty biceps combined with the cutest animals in the world.



Even firefighters that don’t traditionally look like supermodels are a smoke show. So the fact that they chose the sexiest of the bunch, and Australian ones? Is there a calendar that comes with an audio clip with all of their accents included?

Plus, it’s for a good cause! Since 1993, this smoldering annual calendar has been used to support the Children’s Hospital Foundation and providing funds for research into childhood burns. Since ’93, they’ve raised over 2.3 million for a variety of charities. This is its 25th year, and we are ready to celebrate.

Goodbye Valentines Day, hello Firefighter Day. Now that’s something worth celebrating. Any of these guys single? They claim to offer international shipping. Does that mean they ship these dudes all over the globe, mail-order husband style? Because in that case sign us up for 12.



Some of these guys are a little too clean-cut for our taste, but there’s a different type of man for every lovely lady out there. Whether you’re into the Calvin Klein, bulging quads look, or tatted up and boyish, we’re confident you’ll have a fave.

Also, it steps its game up from the classic puppies and hot dudes to something better, with an Australian remix. Yes, these muscled hotties are snuggling up with sweetest lil’ koalas, wombats, and other Australian creatures that are just as cute as their firefighter counterparts (but also showcase how big their manly hands are).

There’s even one dude who has three puppies swarming all over him, and he’s in the sweetest proud daddy position ever. Who wouldn’t want to raise a litter of puppies with the prettiest doggie dad ever?!



Whether you prefer pants, an open jacket with a side serving of eight pack, or just a guy in his straight up skivvies, the wardrobe options are endless.

Will you ask your bae to make his own DIY calendar so that he can ease the jealousy of you looking at this one? Well, we’re not against that role playing at all – he better get to the gym and buy a firefighter uniform ASAP, because the undies-only look probably only works for Australian firefighters, we think.



Seriously, we’re moving to Australia. How are these guys actual firefighters?