Young Artist Does Incredibly Realistic Drawings of Cartoon Characters

Do you wish cartoon characters were drawn a bit more realistically? Well, your wishes have been granted. Nineteen-year-old Tatiana, also known as TatiMoons online, has been into drawing from a very early age. It’s hard to tell when exactly did she decide to focus on realistic digital drawings of cartoon characters, but the first one was posted to her Instagram in December of 2016. Since then she’s been perfecting her style and technique, and even posted a couple of video tutorials on her Instagram. She now has almost 60K followers and we assume her fan base will only grow bigger. She’s a very talented young girl and her art leaves us in awe. Take a look at some of her brilliant digital drawings below and follow her on Instagram to see when she posts new pictures. She also is open to commissions, so if you want her to draw something in particular, or perhaps you want a portrait of yourself – you can get in touch with her.



1. Boo
Huh, so that’s what Boo would look like all grown up. Loving the little Mike Wazowski patch on her dress.



2. Princess Bubblegum
Princess Bubblegum has never looked more stylish, than in this cute painting. We love that clothing style for her!

3. Snow White
How cool is this? Snow White always seemed so prim and proper, but look at her in this realistic grunge style. She looks completely different, yet definitely recognizable.



4. Sabrina
Did any of you watch Sabrina The Animated Series? Or did you stick to the TV show? Either way, we can all agree Salem was the best character ever! And it’s incredible how realistic he looks here. He literally never looked more real in his life.



5. Elsa
Ok, I’ve got a confession to make: I’ve only recently watched Frozen. I know it’s been like 5 years since the movie came out, but better late than never. Are you outraged? Well, in the wise words of Elsa – “Let it go. Let it goooooo!”

6. Bubbles
Who remembers The Powerpuff Girls? Which one was your favorite? Mine was always Bubbles, so it’s really cool to see her drawn like the badass that she is.



7. Jack Frost
Tatiana doesn’t just draw female characters. She draws boys too. “Rise of the Guardians” was a spectacular cartoon, and girls, you’ve got to admit, a bunch of you got a crush on Jack Frost, even though he’s a cartoon character. That’s how cool he is.

8. Sally
Would you consider Nightmare Before Christmas to be a Christmas or a Halloween movie? It’s a classic either way and if you don’t know Sally or Jack – it’s your loss.



9. Bliss
One more supergirl from The Powerpuff Girls. This time it’s Blisstina. Doesn’t she look like Rihanna now?



10. Coraline
This was one trippy cartoon, and so weird too. But I gotta admit, I prefer the realistic drawing to the actual cartoon character of Coraline.

11. Violet
I’m digging this rock chick vibe about Violet. Also, did you notice the writing on her t-shirt? That’s so clever, Violet would definitely appreciate that.



12. Vanellope
Vanellope from Wreck it Ralph looks like such a little brat here, in the best way possible. But did you also just imagine her as Sarah Silverman when you watched the movie?

13. Aurora
Lol, take a look at her shirt, the writing on it is hilarious. That was always the bit that confused me in the cartoon. Like who decided she’d be ok with some stranger kissing her?



14. Spinelli
Finally, meet still tomboyish but so gorgeous Spinelli from the TV series “Recess”.