Your Favorite Disney Princesses Now In Japanese Kimonos

If you’re a fan of anime and Disney – we have a treat for you. There’s an artist that goes by the name of StarShadowMagic who manage to draw your favorite Disney princesses in an anime style. Not only that, but they’re also depicted wearing Japanese kimonos in these drawings and we can’t help but marvel at the beautiful illustrations. It’s incredible how this artist managed to dress up Disney princesses and make them look very Japanese, but at the same time it’s still obvious which princess they are. Even the kimonos have special designs on them that combine traditional Japanese patterns, flowers and little nods to Disney. Take a look!



1. Belle
Look how seamlessly the beast blends into the design of Belle’s kimono. Also, notice how Belle’s shoes in this drawing look simultaneously like something sensible she’d totally wear and like something that wouldn’t look out of place in Sailor Moon.



2. Jasmine
Loving the details in this one – that lotus flower in Jasmine’s hair, the little blossoms flying around her and the cute pointed shoes.

3. Alice
Alice in Wonderland is a lot of people’s favorite childhood book and it’s pretty incredible how easily she transforms into an anime beauty. The blue and purple mushrooms are a nice touch too.

4. Cinderella
Cinderella is usually depicted in this large massive dress, but this time she’s wearing a beautiful blue kimono with a mesmerizing picture of the castle on it. She kept her crystal shoes and her classic blue headband though.



5. Rapunzel
Rapunzel is always easy to recognize thanks to her incredibly long hair, and this illustration isn’t an exception to that. But we do think it was an interesting choice to draw her with her hair down, all straight and silky, she looks way more like an anime character this way. Usually we see her with a long braid and bouncy hair.

6. Elsa
Here’s Elsa in all her frosty glory, but here she looks way more like she’s welcoming spring rather than making the world around her freeze. All thanks to those little flowers on her kimono.
It’s such a small detail but it makes her seem way more inviting.

7. Snow White
Usually we see Snow White surrounded by seven dwarfs. So it’s really refreshing to see her on her own, with just the birds, supposedly helping her to dress, just like in the Disney cartoon.



8. Ariel
Oh look it’s Ariel, and she’s not wearing a seashell bra this time, instead she’s dressed in a gorgeous green kimono. Her little friendly fish and crab are also nowhere to be seen, but we suppose these yellow fish probably are there to represent Flounder.

9. Tinkerbell
Tinkerbell is drawn holding on a flower, to represent her small size. You’re probably thinking “hey that kimono is incredibly short, we’re not sure we’ve ever seen a kimono that short”, but you’ve got to remember that Tinkerbell’s dress was hella short too.