Your Inner Disney Princess – Her Beauty

Your Inner Disney Princess


You vs Disney princessesRemember those times when you were a little girl and were watching Disney cartoons all day long. Of course you were dreaming of being one of those beautiful Disney princesses? Were you Ariel or Snow White? And have you ever wondered again which princess are you and who is your charming prince? Find out it now!


Belle (Beauty and the Beast)Belle (Beauty and the Beast) You’re a very clever girl. You adore reading! Saturday night you’d rather go again to the library than to go to a great party. You have just a few friends but you know that you always can rely on them and they always help you in any difficult situation. You’re a very romantic person and still believe in true love. You easily can dump a handsome rich guy if you’re not in love with him. Your friends think you’re too picky, but you know that first or last you’ll find your soulmate among the 7.063 billion people on the Earth!

Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) You’re a very beautiful girl, but it seems you don’t realize it. A person’s inner world always was more important to you, than his/her beauty. You tend to hang out with guys, and you’re pretty sure that men and women can be “just friends”. You have a lot of pets – parrot, rat, hamster, cat, dog, iguana – the more the better! You’re a great fan of hitchhiking, and all kinds of forest walking-tours. Well, generally you’re not obsessed with all this relationship stuff. There is nothing bad about this, but you should know that ‘being in love’ feelings are awesome! You should try it, girl!

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)Ariel (The Little Mermaid) You’re a vegetarian! You can’t imagine yourself eating meat, fish or seafood. You like to sing and your dream is to become a famous singer. You tend to make impulsive life decisions, that’s why you often have troubles. But you know that your father always can pull you out of these bad situations. Your dad always was and will be the most important MAN in your life, but it doesn’t mean you can’t open your heart to another man. Actually you’re ready to fall in love with someone, you just need to find the right man.

Merida (Brave)Merida (Brave) You’re the most confident girl on Earth! You’re a tiny and tender girl, but you have a very strong character. For you, it doesn’t matter what your parents, friends or other people think you “should or “shouldn’t” do. You know better, and you won’t let anyone lecture you about your life. You’re an adventurous girl, and you want to date someone as brave and adventurous as you are.


Jasmin (Aladdin)Jasmin (Aladdin) You adore cats, and you’re a bit cat-like yourself, a lone cat. You don’t need anybody. You’re from a wealthy family but you used to break the rules all the time. Oh, girl, you’re so cynical and sarcastic that guys are actually afraid of you. But your amazing smile and outstanding beauty work like a magnet for them. Besides we all know boys don’t like boring girls, and you’re definitely not one of them. Guys will never get bored with you! It seems like you don’t give a damn whose heart you wreck, but be careful you can miss the one and only.

CinderellaCinderella (Cinderella) You used to work hard and you know that nothing comes easily in our life, but you never complain about this. It’s actually hard to find a bigger optimist than you. Thanks to your positivity you can overcome any troubles or difficulties. You’re also a very kind person and you’re always ready to help any stranger. You’re slightly dreamy and naive, you believe that somewhere there’s a handsome, generous and kind prince waiting for you. Dream, girl, dream big, and your dreams will come true!

Elsa (Frozen)Elsa (Frozen) You’re the most organized person in the world! But there is one thing you can’t control – your emotions! That’s why you like to be alone sometimes, you think your uncontrolled emotions may harm your relatives. Nevertheless deep inside you’re fragile and sensitive personality, but still you’re ready to risk your life to protect your family and friends. Having such complicated character it’s hard for you to find your soulmate, but remember the longer you’re waiting for something the better will be the result!

Fiona (Shrek)Fiona (Shrek) You’re one of those rare girls who have a good sense of humor. You’re cute, merry, funny but also a strong-character girl. You’re a very active girl, you don’t need to wait to be asked. And what is the most important you’re a wise girl, you frequently become ‘a motivating spirit’ for your man. You never give way to despair – when it’s needed you can make your chosen one laugh, or inspire him, or give him some strength.

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) You’re a real mystery girl. You’re shy, charming and sophisticated. You like to get to know new people, visit new places and do new things. You’re a little bit melancholic but cheerful and positive. You’re also a hopless romantic and you’ll never stop dreaming. You’ve met your true love once upon a dream and now you’re waiting to meet him in the real life. And you know when you meet him, he’ll immediately fall in love with you, cause your golden blonde hair, violet eyes and red rose lips can make anyone’s heart melt.

Rapunzel (Tangled)Rapunzel (Tangled) Your greatest passion is art, and you’re talanted practically in all spheres of art such as painting, music, literature, even hand-making and cooking. You’re rebellious and not afraid to stand up for yourself and others, you have just a few of friends but they mean a lot to you and they can depend upon you in any situation. You’re also adventurous and curious about the world. For now you can live calm and balanced life, but when a handsome adventurer comes on the scene you’ll pack all your stuff and leave your home in excitement to see the world.