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YouTubers Who Earn More Than Hollywood Stars 


Youtube and the age of social media has created a society in which, if you are a talented vlogger, you can make a lucrative amount of money and a successful career for yourself. Think it isn’t possible to make more than Hollywood A-Listers from just posting clips on Youtube? Well, these Youtube celebrities rolling in luxury will prove you wrong, make you want to quit your day job, and pick up the camera.

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1. Pew Die Pie
This Swedish vlogger’s real name is Felix Kjellberg, and with 42 million followers, he tops this list. At just 24, he pulled in about $12 million bucks a year, thanks to his “Bro Army” of followers. Impressive!
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2. Rhett and Link
Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal III are both engineers and comedians (talk about a real catch), and they earn 4.5 million a year (no seriously, talk about a real catch). With over 3 millions subscribers, and sponsorships with big brands like Wendy’s and Toyota.
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3. Lily Singh
Her fans call this internet sensation “Superwoman” and she currently has a contract with the Collective Digital Studio network. With $2.5 million a year and 7 million subscribers, this Desi vlogger runs Youtube.
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4. Grace Helbig
This all-encompassing Youtuber for millennials managed to bag a talk show on E!, which not many Youtubers on this list can claim. With almost 3 million followers and a $5 million net worth, this quirky vlogger is known for her awkward but adorable sensibilities.
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5. Michelle Phan
The wealthiest beauty blogger on Youtube experienced some rejection early on in her career, but no one will say no to this lovely lady now! She has 8 million followers and pulls in $3million a year. A pioneer in the world of beauty videos this content creator has a beauty subscription service called Ipsy and her own makeup line ‘em by Michelle Phan”. Sign us up!
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6. Zoella
Zoella, or Zoe Sugg, started out as a teen when she was working at an interior design firm, and has grown to over 10 million followers In England, she’s a full-blown celebrity, and is also dating Alfie from Youtube channel PointlessBlog. Oh, and makes £50,000…a month. Her book “Girl Online” was wildly successful, and in 2014, made her novel the fastest-selling first debut ever in the UK! You go girl!
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7. Rosanna Pansino
Making sweet-toothed folks all over the world drool over her cupcake baking skills. She pulls in about $2.5 million a year, with over 6 million fans, this DIY blogger shares her video tutorials and recipes, as well as publishing her first cookbook!
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8. Lindsey Stirling
She actually came to fame in 2010, on America’s Got Talent, known for her amazing, simultaneous violin-playing and dancing. Now 29, Lindsey’s been posting videos to Youtube since ’07, and as production value increased, she gained over 7 million subscribers! She gets to make $6 million a year just by doing her passion, which she happens to be incredibly talented at.
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9. PrankvsPrank
This duo consists of a boyfriend and girlfriend (also known as GFvsBF), Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, who started their channel in 2007. They update it almost daily, and the videos always consist of pranks that they pull on each other. If you’re look for prank-spiration, this is the place to go! Together, the two have 1.5 million subscribers, and over 1.5 billion views. Oh, and a casual net worth of $4.8 million. They have been dubbed the best pranksters on Youtube. Relationship goals much?
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10. Jenna Marbles
This sassy lady is well-known for telling it how it is – I mean, she got famous of a video called “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking”, and garnered over 5.3 million views within a week of posting. Today, she has 14 million subscribers and almost 2 billion views total. She talks about relatable situations for women, as well as pop culture topics of the moment.
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11. Kan & Aki
These two impossibly cute Japanese child toy reviewers are definitely the youngest on the list, and they have a surprising $3.2 million annual income. College fund much? Definitely the cutest thing on this list, but also makes us and our grown-up salaries feel very bad about ourselves.
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