10 Fairy-Like Dresses Aishwarya Rai Wore To Red Carpets

Aishwarya Rai is a gorgeous woman with an incredible fashion sense. Her fans have come to expect her public appearances with bated breath. Her style is impeccable and her dresses are always guaranteed to make people stop and stare in amazement. It seems like the whole world just stopped and marveled as she stepped onto the red carpet at the Cannes in May 2017.


The Bollywood star causes a real sensation at the Cannes Film Festival every year. 2017 is clearly a very good year for the 43 year old actress. Aishwarya Rai had no time for fashion faux-pas and each of the dresses she wore, incredulously, seemed to have a distinctive elegance that flowed better than the previous one. Every dress had a different form and spirit to it, but each and every one of them was absolutely fabulous. Enough about this year’s Cannes, let’s take a look at 10 fairy-like dresses Aishwarya wore to red carpets.



1. This pale blue dress was definitely a winner at Cannes and made her look like a modern day Cinderella.



2. A luxurious red dress only emphasized how gorgeous Aishwarya is.

3. This nude dress is so beautiful and feminine, Aishwarya looks like a princess in it.



4. Nude with a bit of sparkle – a great combo if you want to show off your curves.

5. Blush colored dress with a floral print and an unusual lip color for Aishwarya – she’s not afraid to experiment.



6. Remember this unusual black and white dress? She looked so good in it!

7. Burgundy really suits Aishwarya, don’t you think?

8. She just proves you don’t always have to be wearing a huge dress to make a statement.



9. An oldie, but a goodie. Don’t you just want to give her all the Oscars when you see her in this shiny dress?

10. And, of course, a list of Aishwarya’s gorgeous outfits wouldn’t be complete without an elegant saree.