12 Female Fashion Statements Guaranteed to Repel Men

Guys and girls have completely different ideas about what makes for good fashion sense. While ladies might approve of each others’ choice of clothing, the truth is that there are a lot of trends that guys consider to be a complete turn-off.


The most important thing to keep in mind is that when you are seeking out a potential boyfriend, don’t ask your lady friends for fashion advice. No matter how good their intentions are, they are not the ones you are trying to attract. Instead, think about what it is that guys are looking for. The main thing is to dress in a way that is inspired without being overly complicated. Wear clothes that allow you to embrace your beauty and show off your figure, choose cheerful colors, and avoid tacky trends at all costs.


Want to know where to start? Avoid these 12 fashion faux pas and you could find yourself in the arms of your dream guy!



1. The Human Fashion Logo
Ladies, we know a lot of you like to show off your status by wearing the latest, high-priced fashions of the season. But unless Prada or Louis Vuitton is paying you a truckload of money to endorse their clothing and handbags, go easy on the logos. The typical guy who values you wants to know that you have an interesting personality and confidence. Nothing reveals deep insecurities and demonstrates superficiality more than telling the world that you are defined by the brands that you wear.



2. Wearing Lounge Wear Out in Public
Sweatpants. They are perfect for when you are eating a pint of ice cream in your apartment while keeping up with the Kardashians. Working out at the fitness club? Sweatpants all the way. Planning to wear them in literally any other situation? Sure! But only if you enjoy watching guys flee. We want a girl who hasn’t given up on life, and nothing says, “I’m sloppy and stopped caring” more than a pair of sweatpants while out and about.

3. Animal-Print Pants Out of Control
Leopard-print clothing used to be all the rage. Today, it remains a classic expression of your wild animal instincts. We guys are definitely down with that…but only up to a point! An animal-print top or wraparound scarf can be fun, but if you are going with the literal catsuit look by decking yourself out in cheetah spots from head-to-toe, forget about attracting a potential date. Unless you are into jungle felines, of course!



4. The Furry Boot/Mini-Skirt Combo
Let’s just get this out of the way right now: we guys will never understand why girls wear Uggs with short skirts. The warm boots would seem to signify that snow (in Malibu???) is on the way while the short length of the skirt would strongly suggest otherwise. There is absolutely no practical reason to wear these two things together. If you are seeking a normal guy, your actual options are sandals or ski pants.

5. Stephen King’s IT
Clowns are terrifying. Girls who overdo it on the makeup look like clowns. Look, we aren’t saying you need to go barefaced. But we love girls who apply makeup in moderation. Memorize and live this phrase: little bit of beauty cream, a touch of mascara and some eyeliner goes a long way, okay?



6. Nothing Baggy, We Beg You!
Diamonds notwithstanding, baggy, loose-fitting pants have the potential to be a girl’s best friend. After all, they are so comfortable, right? It’s almost like wearing pajamas, but without having to look like you just rolled out of bed! Sorry, ladies, but guys don’t care how comfortable they make you feel. They want to see that booty that God gave you. When you are going out on the town, only form-fitting pants will do, at least if you are hoping to get a studly guy to buy you a drink. Same goes for shirts, of course. The muumuu is a big no-no.

7. Hair Accessories Fit For a Teenybopper
As far as we guys are concerned, headbands and scrunchies are legit. But when an adult woman fashions a puffy bow, flower crown, butterfly clips, or anything else in their hair that is not appropriate for their age, that’s entering creepy territory. You ladies might find it cute amongst each other, but grown guys want to feel like they are going out with an adult, not a middle schooler.



8. The Canadian Tuxedo
Once upon a time, somebody thought it would be a great idea to wear a closed denim jacket with denim jeans. Those were dark times, indeed. Ladies, it’s just a bad move. Pair the denim jacket with black cotton pants, a white skirt, or even a dress. But don’t go all monotonous on us. We like our women to make inspired fashion choices.

9. Hey-hey, Ho-ho, Floppy Hats Have Got to Go!
When you’re going for a walk on a nice, sunny day, covering your head with a fashionable hat makes perfect sense. But those floppy hats that girls drape over their faces are the worst ways to attract the attention of a potential mate. How are we supposed to fall head-over-heels if we have no idea what you look like? If you are taken, then by all means get as floppy as you want. But if you are looking for a partner, choose a hat that doesn’t conceal your pretty little mug.



10. Woman In Black
Unless you are seeking to attract a creepy Goth guy or want to give off that “I write melancholy poems about cold, autumn rain” vibe, it is best to avoid pairing up a black top with black pants. Studies have shown that girls who dress in bright, cheerful colors are more likely to receive attention from passing guys. This is not to say that you have to eliminate black altogether. Black pants with a red top or a black shirt with a jean skirt is perfectly acceptable.

11. Overly Ruffled Getup
You might think that ruffled tops or skirts are a cute, fun way to express your femininity, but most of us guys would beg to differ. The truth is that the large, exaggerated ruffles only make sense if you are a 19th century Dutch milkmaid or Prince (R.I.P). But if you absolutely must have ruffles, keep it subtle. A little ruffle around the shirt hem won’t hurt your chances with guys. But too much, and we will all assume that you swab the deck on Captain Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl.



12. Vintage Overload
Going retro with your wardrobe indicates that you are nostalgic for the past and lets you express yourself in truly inspired ways. We can definitely dig a girl in a pair of form-fitting bellbottoms! But not all is wavy gravy. Wearing a beret with a 1970s overcoat, impossibly large vintage frames, paisley blouse, and a bunch of “peace sign” necklaces means you are trying waaaaay too hard. Keep things to a minimum, incorporating one or two vintage pieces of clothing into your contemporary outfit.