Best Trend: Teens Wearing Mom’s Prom Dress

When you think about prom dresses, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it how much it will cost? Or perhaps how will you look at your prom? Or maybe how difficult it is to find that one perfect dress? Well what if we told you that you don’t actually have to go to the mall looking for the prom dress, you could just wear your mother’s dress? That suggestion will probably fill you with shock and horror and horrible flashbacks of the 80s. But here’s the thing, wearing your mom’s prom dress has become a trend and quite an incredible one. Take a look at all these girls who saved money on a prom dress and just wore their mom’s dress. After all, fashion is cyclical.



1. A classy black dress with a keyhole cutout seems to look incredible no matter what year it is.



2. Another classy black dress, perfect for any occasion.



3. Both the girl and her mother look incredible in red.

4. How awesome does this dress look? The thigh-high slit, the open back. All things that are in trend these days.



5. Ok, we agree, the pattern is a bit crazy, but if you can rock it – why not?

6. This family clearly has a tradition where everyone gets to wear the same dress to the prom. This dress has been worn by 3 generations.



7. This photo just proves that wearing black is always in style.



8. A maxi black dress with a strappy top? That’s like all the rage right now.

9. How amazing is this outfit? These ladies look like they belong in a Victoria’s Secret catalogue.



10. Clearly the mother and the daughter have very different styles, but it’s amazing how the dress suits both of them.

11. Mesh, see-through décolletage was popular then and is popular now. How great is that?



12. An elegant, form fitting red dress is always a good bet for a special occasion.



13. A little black dress really does stand the test of time.

14. And here we thought that body-con maxi dresses were a millennial thing.



15. Isn’t is just mind blowing that this dress belonged to her mom?