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Fashion Tips That Will Make You Look Slimmer


Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerYour healthy diet and fitness routine surely make you lose weight and look slim and fit. But still you can suffer from a lack of self-confidence. There’s another way to look thinner almost with no effort! First of all, you should consider your body shape. The basic women body shapes are: pear, apple, inverted triangle, straight, hourglass. Your aim is to maintain a balance between your upper and lower body parts. This makes your body look visually slimmer.
Once you know which shape you are, try a few tips on how to use color, proportion, and styling tricks that will work on you!

Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerIf you have a small bust but large hips and bottom (a pear body type), try a plain dark, simple shape or clean lines on the bottom. Draw attention away from the lower part of the body wearing playful blouses or tops with trendy accessories close to the face. Also, you can try tops with extra weighting on the shoulder area. This will make the top seem wider and maintain the balanced look.

Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerFor an athletic body look, like inverted triangle (full bust or broad shoulders) choose clothing style that minimizes your upper half while enhancing your lower. Be creative on the bottom choosing bright pairs of pants, jeans or shirts. Wear flared skirts and dresses to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Wear neutral colors on top and try to avoid shoulder pads.

Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerHighlight or create waistlines! Don’t forget about stylish belts, especially if you are a hourglass-shaped woman. Define your waist wearing belted tops and dresses. Avoid oversized clothes, they won’t make you look slimmer, and you will end up looking bulky.
Try on a flattering tunic with a skinny belt and a pair of high-heeled shoes. Enjoy your skinny look!

Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerTo dress your apple-shaped body, you should definitely draw attention away from the middle section of your body. Choose a top of a dress that is tight in the bust and flared in the bottom. Flaunt your bust and hide your stomach. Pair your dress with an opened jacket nipped at the waist. Attract the eyes upward using tops with beautiful shoulders details. Don’t forget to show off your legs with short shorts or skirts and high-heels. They will look longer and make the whole body look thinner as well.

Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerHere is another tip on how to create a waistline, especially for rectangle body shape. Don’t be afraid to try tops and dresses with diagonal lines. They deliver incredible slimming effect. Or choose tailored waist tops to accentuate the waist. Avoid baggy sweaters and pants if you don’t want to look boxy.

Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerWear black colors! Enhance a slender illusion – create a vertical line. Darker hues will do, too. Match your dark jeans with black heels and make your legs look longer and thinner. If the black color seems too depressing for you, try Navy, Dark Brown, Dark Grey. These ones play a slimming effect too.

Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerLove high heels? Make your legs look a few inches longer wearing skin toned (nude) shoes. Another trick you should remember: choose heels with a low-cut vamp. These shoes will slenderize your leg when you’re wearing skirts, shorts or dresses. Also the nude color is very neutral, so you can match your shoes with any of your outfit!


Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerFaking a tan is a great idea for any skin color and body shape. Make your legs, arms, and shoulders look a few pounds thinner without any diet or gym. And don’t forget about your face. But try not to overdo!

Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerDark pants with a higher rise is a must-have! It can be named the most slenderizing item in women’s wardrobe. Match the pair with tailored top or blouse to make the elevated waist visible. Be careful and choose pants that can stretch, otherwise you won’t be able to move.

Fashion tips that will make you look slimmerThese dresses will make you slim instantly! Try super flattering dress with color blocked side panels. Also, you can do this trick using separated clothes. For instance, try matching a tank top with pants or skirt and wear dark long jacket or a cardigan, leave it open. It will make almost the same effect.