Princess-Worthy Gowns You’ll Want To Wear

Do you sometimes feel like you’re tired of all the modern clothes? You have a closet full casual and comfortable things, but sometimes you just want more. You’re sick of jeans and T-shirts and if you look at another pair of sneakers you’re going to die of boredom? Do you wish you could just wear beautiful long flowing dresses like a princess? Well today we thought we’d indulge you in your fantasy and show you a couple of princess-worthy gowns you’ll want to wear. We can’t promise they’re practical, but hey, a girl can dream…



1. Emerald Green
These gorgeous emerald green gowns would look especially stunning on a dark haired or ginger beauties. They’re just the epitome of elegance, don’t you think?



2. Ruby Red
For a lasting impression – red is the best choice. Look at these incredible red gowns, they will make you feel like a real queen. These just scream “royal”.

3. Shimmery Gold
A gown in a golden shade can do magical things to your complexion and make you feel like a true princess. Especially if it’s decorated with gemstones.

4. Sapphire Blue
Do blue dresses make you immediately think of Cinderella, or is it just me? You just can’t deny those childhood associations. We all kind of want to be Cinderella, if just for one day.



5. Gothic Black
The combinations of nude and black always looks exceptionally sensual and sexy, with a hint of gothic charm. It’s a winning combo for those who want to show off their body and accentuate their curves.

6. Pink Princess
The most youthful and innocent of colors – pink will make you feel like a little girl living her dream life. A big, fluffy pink dress is what we all wanted as a child, and everyone knows growing up is optional and overrated.

7. Blue Topaz
Don’t these gowns make you think about the sea? If you’ve ever dreamed of being a mermaid princess – this is as close as you can get. A topaz blue gown, decorated with gemstones is definitely giving us those morning sea vibes.



8. Pastel Rainbow
Pastel gowns are a great way to incorporate lots of colors but still look elegant and graceful. Thanks to the muted shades you can even wear a rainbow dress and still look like an ethereal fairy princess.

9. Silver Gleam
Silver gowns are the coolest, both literally and figuratively. They make you look like the coolest person in the party and the cold silver material, sprinkled with crystals and gems glimmering in the light will make you feel like an icy goddess.