Styling Tips For Ladies Who Are Wearing Their Clothes All Wrong

Styling Tips For Ladies Who Are Wearing Their Clothes All WrongDo you remember that awkward moment when your fashion intuition went totally wrong? Bet it has happened to everyone, whenever you were looking through old photos of yourself and thought, ‘Gosh, what was I thinking about putting these threads on?’ It’s natural that you have overgrown that old style of yours which is no longer relevant for the time. One fashion mistake can make your whole look go down the drain. Style has changed drastically over time. Style and fashion have become more sophisticated and (in some cases) more extreme as times change. Nevertheless you have to save your individuality while keeping up with the world of fashion. You don’t have to follow the latest fashion trends blindly. Try to avoid these styling fails and be trendy yet yourself.

Styling Tips For Ladies Who Are Wearing Their Clothes All WrongFlashing too much
Showing too much of your body doesn’t make you look appealing. The golden rule of fashion is if you are showing cleavage, then your back, legs and bottom must be covered up and vice-versa. If you wanna show a little skin it’s not a crime and no one will call the fashion police for that, especially if it’s an evening event. Nevertheless if you don’t want it to go from classy to trashy leave anything to the imagination, try to stay mysterious, mystery is always alluring.

Styling Tips For Ladies Who Are Wearing Their Clothes All WrongOver-sized boom
When the weather is getting colder we all love to wear a pair of leggings with an over-sized sweater or cardigan. Not only does it look classy but also never fails to impress. But the most important thing that you should remember is that over-sized clothes are made to fit your real size, but a little looser and longer, so don’t try to buy clothes several sizes bigger, you don’t want the garments hanging on you. Over-sized clothing should not be worn together. Skinny jeans with over-sized top match well, but never combine them with baggy boyfriends! You don’t want to look like a rapper from the ‘hood!

Styling Tips For Ladies Who Are Wearing Their Clothes All WrongDenim denim
One common mistake women keep making over and over – denim over denim. Almost every woman owns at least one denim jacket, but what should you wear denim with? Easy, you can pair a light denim shirt with bold leggings or skinny pants, maxi skirt or printed trousers. If you still want to hit the street with a completely denim look, try to combine a light denim shirt with a pair of dark denim jeans or a dark denim jacket with light denim shorts. Bingo! You are now looking seriously hot and all in denim!

Styling Tips For Ladies Who Are Wearing Their Clothes All WrongToo large too small
Clothes you choose should be the proper size and fit you right. But women are always trying to squeeze into jeans two sizes too small or wear tight, undersized bras that will certainly make them look like they have a second set of breasts, in hopes that it’ll make them look slim and attractive. Not only is it uncomfortable but also unhealthy. Moreover you shouldn’t hide in baggy shapeless outfits, try to find clothes which will show off your best features. You need to highlight your perfect curves and hide your weak spots.

Styling Tips For Ladies Who Are Wearing Their Clothes All WrongBling overload or not wearing any at all
Playing up your look with a classy jewelry is a must. On the other hand overdoing it is an evident mistake you must avoid. Rest assured that colorful scarves, necklaces or earring will brighten up your day-to-day outfits.

Styling Tips For Ladies Who Are Wearing Their Clothes All WrongDon’t wear socks and sandals
It has been a golden rule for about a decade now, but thanks to fashionistas around the world a trend of wearing socks and sandals has become widely adopted. I know, that for many of you one thought about this controversial fashion combination will give you the willies and make your skin crawl. However you should know how to pair them correctly. Socks with contrasted toes will never look classy with sandals. The secret to making it work is really simple – make sure there’s some skin visible between the bottom of your skirt or pants and the top of your socks. After trial and error you’ll rock this tricky trend with everything from simple jeans to sexy dresses. It seems like a great opportunity to wear your cute summer shoes all the year round.

Styling Tips For Ladies Who Are Wearing Their Clothes All WrongAnimal prints
More than one animal print for the outfit doesn’t always look good. However anyone can make it trendy, cause it never goes out of style. Just make sure that you don’t wear too much of it in one outfit. Choose popular animal printed shirt, scarf, belt or even smoking leopard printed shoes, but don’t try to wear all of it at once. Try to keep it simple and don’t overdo this sophisticated trend. A little bit is very sexy; too much can send bad messages about your character and your fashion taste.

Styling Tips For Ladies Who Are Wearing Their Clothes All WrongMixed prints are too busy
If you don’t know how to mix prints and you find it completely puzzling, try to avoid wearing everything printed you have in your closet. It can be quite difficult to come up with the right outfit but at the same time really easy to make a styling faux pas and look ridiculous. To make your life easier here are some foolproof tips that always work- stripes and florals, polka dots and… anything you like! These combinations will make you look super casual and feminine.

There’s a thing you can be definitely sure of – fashion rules are meant to be either followed or broken, so wear what makes you feel awesome, what you are comfortable in and what works for you! After all it’s your look!