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Top Fashion Trends For Fall 2014


Top Fashion Trends For Fall 2014Summer is coming to a close, your fave shorts and tops should be packed away to clear the space for the coats, scarves, boots, and jeans. A new fall season brings us plenty of reasons to shop. If you are worried about your classy look check out this short and sweet summary of 2014 fall essentials:

Oversized Everything - Top Fashion Trends For Fall 20141. Oversized Everything
Bigger is better, and this season you should make an emphasis on exaggerated size. Be happy, ladies, because now you can wear your boyfriend’s coat and still look like a real fashion-monger. This version of the oversized look comes back from the 90’s and apparently it’ll rock this season. Cozy sweaters, big sweater dresses, t-shirts with sizeable cardigans, masculine coat’s in women styles are in vogue this fall. Not only is the oversized craze comfy, it also makes you feel vintage. All daring women who like to stand out, can wear oversized clothes of any kind and let everyone enjoy your look.

Fur - Top Fashion Trends For Fall 20142. Fur
The fashion society will probably always be in love with fur. This year is no exception, furs of all kinds are hot! But this time fur, everyone is going crazy over, is colored. The bright colors add an interesting component to the mostly dark and neutral fall attire. Fur hats and vests will also be popular this season. So don’t miss an opportunity to appear in the spotlight with some bright fur accessory.

Red Alert - Top Fashion Trends For Fall 20143. Red Alert
Even if we are moving into a darker and colder time of the year, you’ll barely notice it with all the gorgeous red shades out there. This fall prime shades are fiery reds and dark rust reds – the same kind of reds that reminds you of fall leaves. These shades of red can add a real burst of color to any outfit. Although, if you want to stick out a little more, you may try adding a bright red sweater to perk up your day! Red is a powerful addition to your wardrobe. Don’t leave it out of the mix this season, whatever you do!

Robe Coats - Top Fashion Trends For Fall 20144. Robe Coats
Believe it or not, robe coats have taken over the fashion world. Who wouldn’t want to warm up in a big, comfy coat styled after a robe? It will not only keep you warm when it’s cold, but you may also walk away with a new reputation. Fashionistas can’t wait to have this hot item in their wardrobe.


Ankle Boots - Top Fashion Trends For Fall 20145. Ankle Boots
Speaking about footwear- ankle boots are a must-have. They can become a perfect complement to any fall look, as they can be paired with dresses and tights, leggins, maxi- skirts, skinny jeans and any other outfits.

Sneakers - Top Fashion Trends For Fall 20146. Sneakers
Cute sneakers have invaded the fashion world in an obsessive way. Sneakers have been around since 1987 in a variety of forms, shapes and colors – the style continues to endure. Your beloved slip-ons are simultaneously comfy and stylish.

Turtlenecks - Top Fashion Trends For Fall 20147. Turtlenecks
You can find a definite influence of the 90’s or 70’s in this year’s fall fashoin. Big, cozy, warm turtlenecks are also a fall trend to look forward to. Ladies, forget about turtlenecks of the past, modern turtlenecks are refreshing and improved and ridiculously oversized, which means they are good to wear during the fall season.

Maxi Skirts - Top Fashion Trends For Fall 20148. Maxi Skirts
Don’t you dare forget about MAXI -skirts, -dresses and -duster coats. In order to get a complete look, add a pair of cozy sneakers or classy oxfords.

Blue jasmine and mint green - Top Fashion Trends For Fall 20149. Blue jasmine and mint green
The hot colors of this fall are blue jasmine and mint green. Finally new colors in our closet after an era of pastel colors. Don’t take this the wrong way, I adore pastel colors, but we have been wearing them for a couple of seasons so far. But even though you need to know that pastel colors are still in trend this fall.

Knits - Top Fashion Trends For Fall 201410. Knits
Last, but not least, knits are going to be a very popular trend this fall, from cozy sweaters to skirts or even pants. This knit fashion is so sophisticated, that you should definitely say goodbye to boring knits and look for something really extraordinary. Focus on oversized sweaters with a real crafty look and pay attention to texture.
If you’re thinking about following the fall 2014 fashion trends, consider starting with what may already be hanging in your closet. Remember, no matter what the fashion world has in store for us, it is always better to wear what is a “sure thing” for you and your body’s curves.