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10 Delicious Green Treats for St. Patrick’s Day


10 Delicious Green Treats for St. Patrick's DaySt. Patrick’s Day is now a very popular and fun holiday that is celebrated by many countries around the world. We all know, any holiday can’t exist without special symbols, like themed costumes, foods and drinks, specific colors etc. Since we all go green on St. Patrick’s Day, let’s check out the most unusual and super tasty green treats that you can try this year. Go green and feel lucky!



1. Green Velvet Cake1. Green Velvet Cake
Velvet cake is usually a cake with dark red, bright red or red-brown color dough layers and white frosting. But it can be turned from a romantic red version to a funny green one. Some people use special food coloring, but you can try some natural green alternative like spinach, beet-greens or romaine lettuce. The taste stays the same but the appearance is amazing!



2. St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes2. St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes
There is a few variations of these mini pies. One option is to use chocolate cupcakes decorated with mint frosting and edible four-leaf clovers made with confectioner’s sugar. You can find them in your super market in the aisle where they keep flour and sugar. Also, try all-green cupcakes with white frosting and white and green tiny shamrock sprinkles or green M&M’s. So Irish, right?



3. Green Beer3. Green Beer
Classic! Support the St Patrick’s Day spirit drinking absolutely delicious ice-cold green beer. You can actually add a few drops of food coloring to your beer to make it green, but as long as most of the food coloring on the market is unnatural and even can be dangerous for our health, we recommend you to try the locally brewed, and organic kinds of beers. A shot of fresh or powdered wheat-grass juice will turn your beer a nice shade of green. Wheat-grass is chock full of minerals and vitamins, which will minimize your hangover the next morning, so you get a double benefit. For a 16 ounce pint of beer, add 1 tablespoon of wheat grass juice to the glass, pour in the beer and lift your green brew to the guy who drove the snakes out of Ireland!



4. Green Mocktail4. Green Mocktail
It’s not only green beer that’s appreciated on St Patrick’s Day. You can choose from plenty of delicious alcohol-free “mocktails”. You can enjoy the holiday-themed drinks with the whole family now. Here are some great options: prepare green tea Mojitos, basil lemonade, or simply add some cucumber and mint to your lemonade or tea. Tasty and refreshing!



5. St. Patrick's Day Popcorn5. St. Patrick’s Day Popcorn
Looks nice, tastes even better! You just need to prepare a sugar sauce and add a few drops of green food coloring or the wheat grass mentioned above, then drizzle your popcorn with the sauce and toss it. Kids will love this treat!




6. Green Crispy Treats6. Green Crispy Treats
Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with these healthy and easy to make treats! These tasty sweets are made from melted marshmallow and rice cereal, so they won’t hurt your figure. Use a themed cookie cutter to make the treats look even more fun! Decorate them with gold wrapped candy coins.



7. Green Tea Ice Cream7. Green Tea Ice Cream
Satisfy your sweet tooth with this gorgeous taste ice-cream. It is usually made with natural green tea adding some matcha powder. These ingredients take ice-cream up to a whole new level, even if you have a neutral opinion on green tea.



8. Shamrock Nachos8. Shamrock Nachos
Everyone likes nachos especially with tasty dip. Make a spinach tortilla (or simple buy one) and cut it using a shamrock cookie cutter. Cute and easy! You will get awesome shaped mini chips to enjoy with your beer!



9. Rainbow Swirl Bread9. Rainbow Swirl Bread
Almost forgot about rainbows! According to the legend, the leprechauns are said to keep their pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. And if a leprechaun likes you, he will share his precious gold with you. Rainbow swirl bread is a great way to create and maintain the spirit of this day. Add some bright colors to your festive table and cheer everyone up!



10. Green Pancakes10. Green Pancakes
Super delicious and healthy idea for breakfast. Don’t want to add artificial food coloring to your pancakes? Add some blended spinach to the dough and bake them as you normally would. You won’t detect the spinach taste but your pancakes will be delicious and look pretty nice for the St. Paddy’s holiday!