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10 Extraordinary Things Coffee Does To Your Body


We can all agree that coffee is pretty awesome. Especially if it’s a hot cappuccino on a cold autumn day, or a pumpkin spice latte. Lots of people are pretty obsessed with coffee and for a good reason. It helps us wake up in the morning, it keeps us energized and it tastes damn good. But did you know there’s more to coffee than that? Let’s talk about 10 extraordinary things coffee does to our body.



1. Weight Loss
Double chocolate macchiato with whipped cream aside, simple black coffee actually helps you lose weight. How? It slows down the absorption of carbs, it helps you break down fat cells and it increases your metabolic rate for up to 10%, all of which results in weight loss.



2. Improved Mood
You know how some people are grumpy unless they have their morning cup of coffee? Well, they’re not pretending. Coffee actually has the power to lift your mood and it’s proven by science. It boosts the production of serotonin, dopamine which are responsible for making you happy.

3. Diabetes Prevention
A good cup of coffee can help you regulate blood sugar levels and insulin. It’s not quite magic, and won’t help those who already have diabetes, but it’s actually a good way of preventing diabetes. All you gotta do is regularly drink coffee.




4. Liver Protection
If you’re worried about all the drinking you did in college and what effect if might’ve had on your liver – there’s good news for you. Just 2 cups of coffee a day can help prevent cirrhosis and liver cancer. Who knew coffee could save lives?

5. Brain Activity Boost
Not only can coffee give you that extra boost you need to finish a long paper for school and help you focus, but it’s also known to increase long term memory. So if you’re worried that your memory might go one day – coffee might save you. It’s also proven that having a couple of cups of coffee a day can prevent Alzheimer’s disease.



6. Heart Health
There’s this myth that coffee is bad for your heart, but scientific studies show that there’s absolutely no grounds for that statement. In fact, moderate coffee consumption can actually decrease the risk of stroke, heart failure and coronary heart disease.

7. Eyesight Protection
While you might’ve been told throughout your childhood to eat carrots because they’re good for your eyesight, now that you’ve grown up we’ll let you in on another secret. Coffee is also good for your eyes. It contains chlorogenic acid that helps prevent eyesight deterioration.

8. Cancer Prevention
We touched on this a little in the liver health section, but liver cancer isn’t the only think coffee can prevent. Studies have shown that people who drink coffee regularly are less likely to have all sorts of cancer including lung cancer, brain cancer, and breast cancer.



9. Longer Lifespan
Not to be the bearer of bad news, but everyone dies eventually. However, drinking coffee on the regular can actually increase your lifespan. Most noncommunicable diseases associated with death and aging are basically caused by chronic inflammation, and coffee is a known to reduce inflammation. So pour yourself a cuppa java and prepare to live until you’re 100.

10. Better Sex
We saved the best for last – coffee can give a boost to your sex life. It increases blood flow which means you get more aroused. It’s also proven that men who drink coffee are less likely to suffer from impotence.