10 Healthy Dinner Recipes Under 10 Minutes

As much as we love dinners we have to admit that usually they are quite time-consuming and not as healthy as we’d like them to be. When we have to make dinner late after work we tend to sacrifice its healthiness and just try to whip up something yummy in a short amount of time. Well, ladies, breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but if you combine it with a fatty heavy dinner, then what’s the point? Dinners can be healthy, too, and you don’t have to spend half a day in the kitchen to make them. Here we’ve gathered 10 healthy dinner recipes under 10 minutes.



1. Veggie Fried Rice
If you’ve been to Southeast Asia, you know that veg fried rice (or its meaty variation) is an incredibly filling dish that takes mere minutes to prepare. Made with fresh herbs, sesame oil, soy sauce, and fresh seasonal vegetables, this fried rice recipe is both filling and incredibly yummy.



2. Spinach Lasagna
Can a hearty vegetable lasagna be cooked in just 10 minutes? You bet! Especially if you use the no-boil noodles and good-for-you basil and spinach that take literally no time to cook. You will also need marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, and ricotta.


3. Zucchini Pasta With Basil Pesto
If you don’t mind going super raw vegan for your dinner, then this zucchini pasta recipe is a real life safer as it takes almost no time to prepare at all. You will need a special spiralizer, though, to create that yummy looking zucchini pasta. Then mix it with the basil cashew pesto and you’ll have the most flavourful dinner ever!



4. Soy-Ginger Salmon
This poached salmon is a dream come true for all the fish-lovers out there. The main trick lies in preparing the perfect soy-ginger sauce that gives the fish a unique flavour that turns it from a regular dish into a finger-licking dinner.


5. Honey Garlic Shrimp And Broccoli
Because why not? The key to making this delicious meal is the mouth-watering honey-ginger-garlic-soy sauce that goes so well with the shrimp. Steam your broccoli in the microwave with a bit of water, fry the shrimp, add sauce, and mix all the ingredients together on the frying pan. It literally takes just a few minutes to prepare!



6. Oven-baked Tostadas
Because everything tastes so much better when prepared in the oven! Once your corn tortillas get all crispy, get them out and garnish with all kinds of yummies: lettuce, cheddar cheese, avocado, shredded carrots… you can experiment as much as you want to find the perfect taste!


7. Coconut-Curry Soup
What if we told you that it’s possible to prepare a finger-licking coconut soup in less than 10 minutes? Using blender, a bunch of spices, coconut milk, and cashews. Okay, there are a bit more ingredients in the recipe, but it’s still super easy to make. It has an amazing Thai feel to it and lively spicy taste.


8. Green Tofu Stir-Fry
Literally nothing can go wrong if you choose fried tofu for dinner. This recipe offers a hearty, flavourful, and absolutely delicious meal you can whip up in mere minutes. Get tofu (preferably made with non-GMO soy), spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and a bit of hot sauce for topping. You’ll definitely be coming back to this one more than once!



9. Egg Drop Soup
This egg drop soup recipe requires little to no effort at all if you have all the ingredients prepared beforehand. Use vegetable or chicken broth, depending on your eating preferences. There so many spices in this recipe that you’re guaranteed to have a flavour blast in your mouth once you have a sip of this soup.


10. Portobello Pizzas
Prepared with Portobello mushroom cups and no dough whatsoever, these unique little pizzas can become the best substitute there is for an actual fatty pizza. Take a handful of mini pepperonis, as much cheese as you like, tomatoes, a bunch of Italian herbs, and you’re good to go! It tastes amazing, but without all the calories of a regular pizza.