10 Most Unique Ice-Creams In The World

Who doesn’t like ice-cream? That sweet cold treat will get you through a hot summer day, a hard day at work, and even a break up. You’d think a good old tub of Ben & Jerry’s is all you need. But turns out some ice-cream makers have gone above and beyond to make your ice-cream not only delicious, but also unique and visually stunning. Let’s take a look at some of the most unique ice-creams in the world.



1. Flower Gelato in Australia
If you love flowers and you love ice-cream, this beautiful mix will be just the thing for you. Originally flower gelato is from Italy, but the ice-cream makers at i-Creamy in Sydney, Australia have taken it upon themselves to make the prettiest flower ice-cream cones in the world. It’s truly a feast not only for the tummy but also for the eyes.



2. Ice-Cream on a Cloud in London
If you want to experience the magic of ice-cream served up on a cloud you better get yourself to London. Milk Train is the place for you. They make these yummy and magical looking ice-cream cones that will impress not just your tastebuds.

3. Coconut Ash Ice Cream from New York
Morgenstern’s is a very cool ice-cream parlor in New York that makes several kinds of ice-cream and even pastries and pies. But this coconut ash ice-cream became their biggest hit, probably due to how unusual it looks. I mean, it’s black ice-cream. How cool is that?



4. Fish Ice-Cream in NY
New York never sleeps. This city is always up for something new and interesting, and fish ice-cream is one of those things. This ice-cream originated in Korea, but since US is a melting pot of cultures it’s not out of place in New York either. Don’t worry, the ice-cream doesn’t taste like fish, but it is served in a fish shaped waffle-cone.

5. Japanese Black Sesame Ice-cream
You wouldn’t think of sesame as an ice-cream ingredient, but you know the Japanese, they’re always into some weird stuff. However, this quirky idea for ice-cream is actually absolutely delicious and it looks very intriguing too.



6. Liquid Nitrogen Gelato
Did you know that you can make ice-cream with liquid nitrogen? Sounds like some wacky science experiment, but it’s actually pretty easy. So the folks at N2 Extreme Gelato decided “why not?” and made it happen. It’s yummy and very cool indeed.

7. Black Cones from Tim&Tim
We’ve seen black ice-cream now, but what about black cones? Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? This ice-cream speaks to the depths of your dark soul, doesn’t it? Weather you put bright colorful ice-cream inside or decide to go all black, either way you’ll have the coolest looking ice-cream come ever. So if you’ve ever in Moscow, Russia – give this a try.



8. Egg Waffle Cones from Hong Kong
It’s difficult to track where this idea of egg waffle ice-cream cones started, but it seems to be insanely popular in Hong Kong and has since spread over the world. So if the yummy combination of waffles and ice-cream sounds like something right up your street – this tasty treat is probably available somewhere in your city too.

9. Pretzel Cones from Ample Hills
Ample Hills Creamery in NY has come up with something we all were thinking about but never truly realized. Sweet and salty is a wonderful combination, so why not make delicious sweet ice-cream and put it in a salty pretzel cone? Quite ingenious, isn’t it?

10. Churro Ice-Cream Cones
If you have an extra sweet tooth this might be just the treat for you. Sweet, sugar-coated churros filled with yummy ice-cream. What could possibly be better? You can get this awesome dessert at the ChikaLicious dessert bar in New York.