10 Of The Most Beautiful Villages In Europe

Do you ever wonder what the villages of Europe were like centuries ago, and how people lived? Well, some of these breathtaking villages are still around for you to explore and bask in all their old world glory. They’ve been debated by people around the world as the most beautiful villages in Europe, and we’re hard-pressed to disagree.



1. Conques, France
This village in France is a simply gorgeous piece of romanesque art. Its abbey-church is awe inspiring beauty as well. Conques was originally built around an oratory that turned into a monastery. Visit and hang out with the monks in this lovely setting.

2. Manarola, Italy
This town perches on the side of a cliff and is full of vibrantly colored buildings. It’s a tiny fishing town in Northern Italy, in the province of La Spezia, running along the stunning coastline at the Ligurian Sea. The harbor is the most beautiful, with bright homes perched on the rocky ravine.

3. Hallstatt, Austria
Dubbed “Austria’s most beautiful lake town, one look at Hallstatt and that’s hard to deny! It’s located between Graz and Salzburg in a lake district that offers the most breathtaking views you’ve possibly ever seen. It’s one of the oldest settlements in Europe that’s still lived in, lending to its magic, and takes only 30 minutes to walk from one side of the town to the other.The-Most-Beautiful-Villages-In-Europe-08The-Most-Beautiful-Villages-In-Europe-09



4. Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy
This absolutely beautiful medieval, volcanic town sits on a pinnacle overlooking a windy canyon. You enter through a massive passageway made of stone 2,500 years ago. Unfortunately, this fantasy-like town is in danger as it’s constantly eroding, and might crumble away one day.

5. Soglio, Switzerland
Sitting in Switzerland near the Italian border and nestled away in the mountains is the serene village of Soglio. It’s famous for being the muse of Swiss-Italian painter Giovanni Seantini in the late 1800’s.



6. Reine, Norway
How great can a fishing village be, you might think? Pretty great, actually. This village in the Arctic Circle is so picturesque with its red and white houses, gorgeous cliff peaks…oh yeah, and an undeniably jaw-dropping view of the Northern Lights. Do you need more reasons to visit? Only 300 live here.

7. Albarracin, Spain
This village in rural Southern Aragon embodies the beauty of “old Spain”, especially with its incredible cathedral which is a mix of Renaissance and Gothic style. The architecture of all the Moorish ruins in this area of Spain are fascinating, but Albarracin might take the cake.



8. Freiburg, Germany
Freiburg lies on the edge of the Black Forest, and hues a Gothic sandstone cathedral – the town houses more awesome things like a solar observatory and a cable car right up Schauinsland mountain. The cobblestoned streets and gabled town houses are vibrant and look like something out of a story book.

9. Bibury, England
If you look up “quaint” in the dictionary, we’re pretty sure that Bibury will be there. Colored in pink and purple vibrant colors, this looks like a scene from Lord of the Rings. Arlington Row and its centuries old cottages and the trout farm are only part of the town’s charm. Bridget Jones Diary was also filmed here!



10. Folegandros, Greece
All of Greece is surrounded by crystal blue beauty, but the most ideal and tranquil Cycladic island of all, and the most remote, with no airports or cruise ships in sight. If you’re looking for true peace and the prefect Greek sunset should come here. Also, The Panagia Church is a staggering must-see.