10 Things to Pack When You Travel

When packing for a trip we usually focus way too much on cool outfits we think we’ll wear. Who else have had way too many trips for which they’ve packed at least one outfit for each day you’ll be away (sometimes more), PLUS a dress and shoes in case of a fancy occasion, PLUS something in case of rain or bad weather like a coat and a sweater, etc. Lots of people do this, right? In the end we have way too much stuff we definitely don’t need, too much clothes we’ll never get a chance to wear that we’re literally just dragging with us halfway across the world. And the worst thing is we forget to pack the essentials, the things that will actually come in handy. So let’s talk about 10 things you probably didn’t pack but definitely should pack when you travel.



1. Copies Of Documents
We know you packed your passport and tickets, but just in case something happens and you lose them or they get stolen from you – it’s good to have copies. We suggest you scan and print copies and keep them separately in your backpack or some other little luggage compartment. Another good option is to have scans of your travel document and insurance info on your phone (email, iCloud, Google drive – that’s up to you). This way you’ll be able to access them wherever you are.



2. Money
We know you probably took money with you, everyone expects to spend money while they travel. But what we mean is that it’s good to be smart about money, because you never know what rules and conditions apply in which country. It’s best to have both credit and debit cards, because certain countries and certain shops don’t accept credit cards. Have both Visa and MasterCard for the same reasons. And it’s always a good idea to have some cash with you, because you never know when you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere in a shop that only accepts cash and there’s no ATM for miles.


3. Padlock
Sometimes you just don’t have a safe in your room, or it’s broken, or you just don’t trust the lockers. Just take a little padlock with you, it’ll come in handy when you find free lockers to leave your stuff in and want to be sure it’ll still be there when you come back.



4. Hand Sanitizer
Have you ever considered the amount of people and germs you will come in contact before you even arrive at your destination? The plain is a germ capsule, so is the airport and any kind of public transport. That hand sanitizer is the only thing standing between you and the sea of germs waiting to crawl up your skin.


5. Lip Balm
We often wither bring makeup for a night out or decide not to bother with it at all if it’s a low budget adventure. However, lip balm is essential for travel. Airlines are notorious for having super dry air and no one wants to have chapped lips throughout their vacation. Plus, lip balm will not only save your lips, but can also help with dry cuticles or a zipper that’s stuck.



6. Sunscreen
Chances are you only pack sunscreen if you’re going to a seaside vacation, because you know you’ll be spending hours at the beach, sunbathing and you don’t want to burn. Most people don’t bother to bring sunscreen when they’re just traveling through Europe or when they’re traveling during colder months. But sunscreen is essential even during the colder months, sun can damage your skin even when it’s cold outside, especially if it’s winter, there’s snow and you’re snowboarding.


7. First Aid Kit
You never know when you might need it. Usually there’s pharmacys and drug stores around where you can buy stuff in case you need it, but what if it you feel sick in the middle of the night, or you get a blister on your foot from walking too much in uncomfortable shoes? It’s nice to have that little first aid kit that has all the essentials like bandaids, sanitizing pads, anti nausea medications and painkillers. This way you won’t have to struggle and explain what you need in a foreign language and you won’t have to overpay either.


8. Power Bank
We live in a world where it’s now kind of scary to end up with a dead phone. We need it to stay in touch with friends and family, get an Uber, use PayPass to pay for our meals and transport, look up directions in Google maps and so on. And once it dies we feel kind of lost, even in our own city. Now imagine that in a foreign country, that would be so much more stressful. So invest into a good power bank and keep it close at all times.



9. Memory Card
If you’re bringing a camera with you and you love taking pictures and videos of your trip – bring and extra memory card. Just in case. You might need the extra memory, or your first memory card can malfunction. Alternatively, if you use your phone for pictures and videos – make sure to sync with iCloud or upload your photos and videos to Google drive or smth. That way you won’t lose your memories or run out of space.


10. Ziplock Bags
Ziplock bags are basically magic and people don’t give them enough appreciation. They’re perfect for dirty laundry or wet swimsuits because they won’t leak or let any smells out. Ziplock bags are also great for making sure all your electronics stay dry. Not to mention how crucial they are if you’re bringing any liquids with you and don’t want them exploding all over your suitcase.