10 Unusual And Creative Ways To Eat Avocado

People are always hopping on the latest avocado trend bandwagon. 14 dollar avocado toast? No thanks. These are some ingenious, seriously creative recipes and ways of adding avocado to your life on a daily basis that you won’t regret bookmarking – delicious and DIY.



1. Blueberry avocado muffins
Once in a while, we all like to indulge in a crumbly and sweet blueberry muffin for breakfast. But that basically means eating a cupcake for breakfast, and having your waistline and energy suffer for the rest of the day. Who thought you could add avocado in your favorite breakfast baked good?



2. Creamy chocolate avocado popsicles
The funky green and fudge hue of these popsicles make us worry that once we pop we won’t stop! Combine two heart-healthy ingredients for a dessert that tastes creamy and decadent. Drizzle or dip – it’s up to you.

Frozen avocado margarita
Frozen margaritas often mean sugar comas and 1,000 calories as a sacrifice – not with these avocado margaritas! Tarragon and agave blend with creamy avocado with a tequila cocktail with a real kick! Getting drunk and staying healthy? Count us in.



Avocado crème brûlée
This might be one of the weirdest, most creative avocado recipes ever. Your favorite high-class French dessert is mixed with vibrant and buttery avocado. So much healthier, but that same rich crunch on the top, and the addition of mouthwatering condensed milk.

Stovetop avocado Mac and Cheese
People that love their mac and cheese might not be as willing to mix in something green with their carb and cheesy goodness. It’s almost like guacamole mac and cheese – the sauce consists of garlic, cilantro, and lime, with a base of Pepper Jack cheese. Look at those dreamy, creamy chunks.



Crispy baked avocado fries and chipotle dipping sauce
If you roll your eyes at sweet potato fries, but normal fries are too indulgent, fried avocado might be your next obsession. Crunchy and panko-coated on the outside, so velvety and delicious on the inside. Even picky eaters will be asking for seconds.

Avocado cornbread
This recipe is proof that yes, you can throw avocado in the most random traditional dishes and it will still come out kickass. With a spicy kick of cayenne and smooth avocado, this brings a new comfort food twist to “avocado toast” that you haven’t imagined in your wildest dreams.



No-bake avocado lime cheesecake
Forget Key lime pie – avocado lime cheesecake will knock your socks off. All no-make desserts have that rich and stunning appearance that makes you want to stuff your face in it at once. The explosion of refreshing, tangy and sweet will have everyone shoveling this in their mouths!

Charred corn and avocado pizza
Die-hard pizza fans might be skeptical about adding avocado to pizza, but the addition of fresh chunks and charred, juicy corn with the addition of cotija cheese make it a flavorful dish that tastes like summer, all year long. A cool remix of a Southwest flatbread. We’re in!



Fudgy avocado brownies
This might be a healthy dessert, but it doesn’t taste anything like it. The creamy avocado when baked into the brownies makes the final result even moister and fudgier, and you can even make a luxurious frosting out of blended avocado as well! Feed them to guests and reveal the secret after – they won’t be able to tell it apart from its unhealthy fudgy counterparts at all!