10 Unusual And Tasty Sandwiches Around The World

When you think of the word “sandwich” exotic creations around the globe don’t exactly cross your mind. But the word is way more than a boring old grilled cheese or BLT. See what the definition of a classic sandwich in 10 different countries means. Either way, “delicious things between sliced bread” is amazing in any language, right?



This sandwich is called the Bánh mì, and is super popular in Vietnam. A lot of westernized cultures have adopted this sandwich, which can contain different meats or tofu and is garnished with cilantro, jalapeno, cucumber, and pickled veggies. It’s serves on a crunchy baguette and is the perfect combination of soft and chewy.
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This sandwich looks hearty from a distance, but once you know what meat it is, will you still be as excited about tearing into it? It’s a delicacy in China, and it’s actually stuffed with donkey meat. It’s a common street food but is very rarely served outside of China. It’s served cold, and with peppers in a bread called “huoshao
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Back in the good ol’ USA, Louisiana sells a delicious sandwich called a Muffaletta. It consists of two thick pieces of round Sicilian sesame bread packed with cheesy mozzarella and provolone, alone with mouthwatering meats like salami and mortadella. Throw on a marinated olive salad to brighten the whole thing up, and your food coma will be the most satisfying ever. If you’re craving Italian, make this.
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These are basically tea time sandwiches for the Japanese. Crustless mini sandwiches made with white bread and fried pork cutlet. Juicy and flavorful meat sandwiched between soft and fluffy white bread doused in katsu sauce? Sounds like a childhood dream meets the perfect simple lunchtime sandwich. Pillow, meaty goodness.
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The UK are known for tea parties, and a savory component of these dainty events are known as “tea sandwiches“. They’re also made from crustless white bread, with a classic filling cream cheese and fresh veggies like cucumber, radishes, or watercress. Cucumber is amazingly refreshing and the most popular. We could easily see shoving 5 in our face with some breakfast tea.
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France might be known for their pastries, but their sandwiches aren’t too shabby either! It’s pretty much a Nicoise salad with a delicious baguette thrown on. Veggies like tomato, pepper, radishes, and anchovies are dressed in olive oil and sprinkled with a hard-boiled egg. It’s a refreshing Provencal sandwich that is filling and veggie packed.
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This is a doner kebab! It somewhat resembles a falafel, but there’s meat inside, and the flatbread is a little thicker and fluffier with more of a bite to it, called Lavash.. It’s a popular sandwich in Turkey, and shawarma meat fans will adore this for sure. It was created and popularized in Istanbul by a man called Beyti Guer, and we have him to thank for the nation and world wide spreading of the scrumptious doner kebab.
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This is definitely not the most elegant sandwich on the list, but you can’t deny the yumminess of a sub filled with hot peppers, melty cheese and meat. Thinly sliced steak fills up this long roll that Philly is famous for. This is meant to be a sloppy sandwich, so pile on those ingredients! Sizzling goodness. ‘Merica.
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In Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, an omelette sandwich called a “Roti John” exists. It will elevator your egg sandwich game to the next level. Minced mutton or chicken are piled on, along with onion, egg, and a delectable tomato-chilli sauce. A rich and exotic street food that looks truly irresistible!
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This is a chivito, a sandwich in Uruguay. This whopper might look impossible to take a bite of, but wouldn’t you like to try? It’s basically a filet mignon sandwich, garnished with mozzarella, tomatoes, mayo and olives, sometimes with bacon and eggs. “Chivito” means “the little goat” and it’s called that because a woman from Argentina requested a similar dish in Uruguay, but with goat meat. The Uruguayan chef provided the only alternative at the restaurant: filet mignon.
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