11 Fun & Cool Facts About Vegetables 

We can all agree that vegetables are amazing. They’re packed with vitamins, minerals, healthy compounds, and other yummy stuff that makes us healthy. They also taste great! Well, most of the time. You just need to know how to cook them right, that’s all. Vegetables can be used not only for food, but as beauty products as well. There’s really a lot we don’t know about veggies, despite all the hype that surrounds them. So here are 11 fun and cool facts about vegetables you probably don’t know.



Back in the day tomato used to be a fruit. That’s right! Well, it still is, but most of us still consider it a vegetable because of the US Supreme Court that named it so due to some taxation reasons. It happened more than 100 years ago!



If you eat too much carrots, and we’re talking serious numbers here, your skin may actually turn a yellowish carrot hue.


Potatoes are the first vegetables that went to space back in 1996. They are so cool that they actually can be grown there! They’ll probably be on the main menu for the future Mars colony.



Before broccoli became our go-to vegetarian veggie, it was considered an exotic plant and was grown in home gardens for aesthetic reasons. It does look pretty, doesn’t it?


Eggplant was first grown by people of Cambodia and China more than 2,500 years ago. In more modern times people considered it a dangerous vegetable due to its bitter-ish taste.



The Italian word for eggplant – melanzana – stands for ‘crazy apple’. Italians probably think so because the name originated from the words ‘mel insana’ that mean exactly that. It rings true because eggplant is actually more of a fruit than a vegetable! We don’t know about the crazy part, though.


Back in the day labourers who spent their days building Pyramids in Ancient Egypt didn’t get any money for their work. Instead, they were paid in radishes!



If you attach electrodes to a potato, it can be turned into an actual battery that can produce enough electricity to light a bulb or even power a tiny motor.


Chicago was named after the Indian word ‘Chicagaoua’ which means garlic.



Cucumber can actually be used as an eraser when you’ve made a mistake writing something. Yes, it’ll make the ink disappear!


If you want to add a reddish tint to your hair colour, then go ahead and dye it with some beets. The effect is temporary, but totally healthy!