11 Incredible Ice Cream Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Ice cream is a heavenly vice, whether it’s freezing outside or the sun is shining on a summer day. These new and creative hacks to make ice cream more exciting definitely grabbed our attention, and any excuse to incorporate it into our lives as much as possible is a win for us!



1. Put your ice cream pint in a plastic bag to keep it as soft as when you first bought it. No one likes a hardened, freezer-burned scoop of ice cream!
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2. If you run a knife under hot water, you can cut your ice cream pint into slices (two or the inch thick cylinders, and voila, homemade ice cream sandwiches that look professional!
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3. Don’t you love the Oreo crumble at ice cream shops? Well, the delicious crumble can be easy attainable and mess free by placing the crushed up Oreo pieces in a pepper shaker. Voila! Instant cookies and cream flavor.
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4. Make a no bake ice cream cake by stacking Klondike ice cream bars and covering the final square in cool whip or frosting. No one will be able to tell the difference with the lovely layered result!
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5. You can actually use ice cream as frosting! But you need to keep it in the freezer or eat quickly, because it will melt if left at room temperature for too long. This could be a great twist on an ice cream cake – bake normal cupcakes, let them cool, and then frost them with ice cream. Yummy!
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6. Swap out brownies for cookies in an ice cream sandwich, and your taste buds will help you. This heavenly concoction will be slightly more absorbent of the ice cream, due to the fudge, and also more decadent due to the same fact!
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7. Don’t throw out your nearly empty jars of Nutella – why waste a speck of this delicious invention? Instead sub the jar for a bowl when you eat your ice cream, and you’ll be able to scrape out the most delicious DIY sundae ever.
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8. Put ice cream in your ice cub tray for a delicious flavor boost in a glass of warm milk. Instantly turn a boring dairy drink into strawberry or chocolate milk. Yum, we’re in!
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9. If you love eating ice cream out of a cone, then stick a mini marshmallow in the bottom. It will prevent leaks – drippy cone is terrible fate to experience as an ice cream eater.
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10. If you’re trying to calorie count, you can make popsicles out of yogurt just by sticking a sturdy plastic spoon in your favorite yogurt flavor and freezing over night. When you take it out, flip it upside down and you have a delicious and healthy homemade popsicle.
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11. Grilled ice cream sounds like a confused, melty mess, but not in this recipe! An egg and coconut, meringue-inspired shell help prevent the ice cream from melting, and the crispy outside against the soft and creamy ice cream will melt in your mouth and have you begging for more.
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