11 Most Beautiful Naked Cakes

Naked cakes are the latest layered cake trend that has dessert lovers everywhere excited. The rustic trend has been popular amongst hippies and hipsters alike, like this couple’s wedding cake (link to most hipster wedding ever article). It consists of a cake that is left bare and unfrosted, or very lightly frosted on the side, adorned instead with flowers and succulents, giving it a natural but gorgeous look. It’s creative and bare, but anything but minimalist, and we are obsessed.



1. Look at the delicious filling oozing out of this drool-worthy three layer cake. Topped with fresh berries that remain uncrushed and powdered with confectioners sugar. The icing, dotted with pomegranate seeds and served on a slice of tree trunk and sprinkled with flowers, this rustic naked cake is simply lovely.

2. The layers and geometry of this cake is so perfectly executed – whoever iced it was definitely a perfectionist. We love the range of colors and sizes of flowers, from the bigger fuchsia petals to the lighter, more pastel toned rosebuds. The dark against light of the icing and cake are so picturesque.

3 Wow. A monstrous red velvet layer cake that no one will be able to forget. This decadent pile of crimson is striped with silky cream cheese icing and piled high with whole strawberries, framing it at the bottom as well. Can we take the one on the top and run?

4. Berry-jam in between layers always makes for such a perfectly pretty cake. The simple addition of those lavender sprigs adds complexity and depth. Love that the icing is just between the layers, and the top is opaquely coated with confectioners sugar. And that pine cone on top. Rustic fantasies galore.

5. Love is in the air…literally! The placement of these orange flowers and the liberally applied, fat layer of icing makes this four layer cake look like an 8 layer cake. Uniquely built, and the wording manages to look elegant instead of garish.

6. Ombre naked cake? They’re just overachieving at this point. The deep indigo graduation to primrose is so on point…looks painstaking to make. And the bouquet on top, complete with those bushels of berries makes it look like the wedding cake of an artisanal florist and the best baker ever.

7. The skinny layers on this three-tiered cake are so elegant and perfect. The addition of succulents seems like it would be a little too rustic, but it works perfectly and ends up looking like a rustic fairytale. Now a fan of plants as cake decor, 100 percent.

8. The mint green petals are an amazing color choice for the slightly grainy color of the cake itself. That vine is so elegantly draped…this cake artist didn’t take shortcuts by throwing some berries and flowers over it – these flowers were crafted with tender love and care – with a lone pink rose.

9. Maybe it’s the slightly narrow, but fat layers, maybe it’s the sumptuously dark and juicy smattering of figs and plump berries, but we want this cake at every event ever. This takes the concept of “chocolate layer cake” to a whole other level. Figs all day.



10. Ok, this might be cheating a bit since this cake is lightly frosted. If you’re looking for a more modest cake, this semi-naked look might be the one for you. The light, cream colored frosting with layers peaking through works so well with the simple leaf adornments – it almost looks like mother nature grew this cake herself.

11. Another slight cheat – even though this one is even more lightly frosted than the last. We adore the “broken”, vintage and peeling look, it adds even more to that heavenly rustic vibe. These decorations are a little more on the artificial side, sans the sweet pile of raspberries to the left, but we link the mini cluster look, and the color palette especially!