11 Most Impressive And Intricate Cake Designs Ever

It’s hard to say no to cake. But you might to some of these, since they’re so magnificently decorated, it feels wrong to slice into them! Cake decorating is an intricate art that takes years of practice, and immense talent. These pieces of art will shame your domestic skills. While we still wouldn’t say no to some Betty Crocker cake out-of-the-box, such cakes are in a whole different category that we want to devour as soon as we can.



If elephants are your thing (they should be, they’re good luck!), then this cake will totally be up your alley. A lusciously designed cake, precariously teetering on an elephant cake? This beauty would be difficult to recreate.

The creator of this cake is a baking and pastry teacher at a culinary school. So why pile together a cornucopia of vegetables? She didn’t, she’s just a cake design sorceress. Every fruit and veggie here is made out of cake. Pull us off some of that corn, we’re ready to get dirty.

This leaning tower of boulders cake gives us a little anxiety, but we also want to just run off with a couple of those spheres and never come back. It will always be a mystery how this beauty was delivered. Or cut, for that matter…

Wow – this dreamy strawberry and cream cake is riveting, and perfect for any occasion. The colors of the rosebuds and strawberries against soft splashes of white chocolate cream, suspended in time, make us want to wake up to it every day.

While many of the cakes on this list are a piece of art, not many can claim to be an actual piece of art! This Van Gogh starry night recreation is masterfully designed over three tiers, and we’d like to think the artist himself would dub it a work of art as well.

Whether you’re trying to rep some gay pride, polos, or you are just turned on by some really perfectly folded clothing, this sexy six-layer rainbow cake will make everyone feel some type of way.

For all those nerds and book-lovers out there, we’ve found your next birthday cake. Complete with adorable ladder, globe and lamps, this library cake looks like a mini dollhouse, and is almost too precious to eat!

Addicted to soft drinks? These soda cakes will make your mouth water – but don’t expect to untwist that lid for a carbonated treat – nope, they are cakes locked in a shell of soda bottle shaped chocolate, and some startlingly realistic Sprite, Coke, and Fanta bottles. The layers inside made us fall in love. We’d eat one of those head-on, like a burrito.

This red velvet magnificence looks good enough to take pictures with! From the black finish to the little button details, the vibrant deliciousness hiding inside certainly takes us by surprise.



This cake takes some inspiration from Alice in Wonderland for a dizzying Mad Hatter tea party cake. The pastel colors and the piled teacups are truly surreal, and would complete any girl’s night in.

A cake for anyone who is addicted to knitting or crafts. From the perfectly rolled measuring tape bottom to the flawless spools of thread, this cake doesn’t just have to be for grannies! An amazingly designed knitting masterpiece.