13 Delicious & Exotic Breakfasts From Around The World

1. Cambodia – Kuy Teav

This is a filling and steamy noodle soup with rice noodles, pork stock, and various toppings. It’s similar to Vietnamese pho, and makes a delicious breakfast for a chilly morning.



2. Pakistan – Halwa Poori Cholay13 Delicious & Exotic Breakfasts From Around The World 2This breakfast is filled with spicy chickpeas, semolina, and soft Poori bread. The Halwa is made sweet and rich with ghee, cardamom, and evaporated milk, while the Cholay is packed with a ton of spices and chickpeas.

3. Sweden – Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød

This delectable open-faced Scandinavian sandwich is kind of the Swedish version of the bagel. Rye bread is covered in fresh smoked salmon and scallions, with shaved radish and dill as garnish.

4. Egypt – Ful Medames

This traditional Egyptian breakfast is composed of stewed fava beans, with spices and parsley, as well as a diced boiled egg on top.



5. Mexico – Chilaquiles Verdes

This is basically nachos for breakfast, and it’s delicious. Made with a spicy green salsa, Cotija cheese, and soft corn tortillas to sop up the yolks of fried eggs, it has an amazing texture and bursts in your mouth with flavor.

6. England – Full English Breakfast

This breakfast is not great for vegetarians or those with a small appetite, but if you’re hungry and hungover on a Saturday morning, this will probably feel like the best meal you’ve ever had. Chock full of baked beans, bacon, sausage, fried bread, eggs, and more cholesterol-filled goodness.

7. Turkey – Traditional Turkish Breakfast Platter

This is more of a platter than a cohesive meal. It has a variety of soft and hard cheeses, cold cuts, grape leaves, apricots, olives and more. Throw these on a good crusty bread and live scrumptiously, like the Turks.



8. South India – Idli and Sambar

This is a vegetable stew served with steamed lentil and rice bread. It’s one of the most popular breakfast favorites in South India, and the Sambar packed with nutritious lentils, otherwise known as dal, and veggies. The idli is made with lentils, boiled rice, and fenugreek.

9. China – Congee

If you like oatmeal for breakfast, try this savory twist on it, which is broken down rice porridge. It’s flavored with chicken broth, mushrooms, ginger, soy sauce and other dynamic flavors that will make you want to cook it for every meal.

10. Brazil – Pão de Queijo

These are basically hot little doughy balls of cheese and bread. Made with sour cassava flour or tapioca flour, they’re little parmesan puffs. Cheese puffs for breakfast? Sort of hard to resist. Plus, they’re gluten-free.



11. Venezuela – Arepa with avocado and plantains

This is a clean and bright dish, with healthy corn patties, black beans and deliciously tender maduros, or sweet plantains.

12. Israel – Shakshuka

This spicy and flavorful stew is tomato based, with creamy poached eggs marinating inside and feta cheese. Dipping pita into it tastes like heaven.



13. Korea – Breakfast Bokkeumbap AKA Breakfast Fried Rice

You might not expect fried rice to be a breakfast food, but when you throw a poached egg on it, it transforms into the rich gooey AM meal that you’ve been waiting for your whole life. Either way, it’s pretty much bacon fried rice.